12 Stores Open On Christmas Eve, To Fulfill All Your Last Minute Shopping Needs

We all have experienced that dreadful moment when you realize you forgot to buy someone a Christmas gift. Oh no! How could this have happened when you made a list and checked it twice? But somehow someone was missing, like your sister's new boyfriend who you didn't know was making a surprise appearance at the eleventh hour. Didn't they break up? The questions could go on and on, but the most crucial issue now is what stores are going to be open Christmas Eve? I'm going to need a gift fast, so where can I grab a thoughtful gift at the last minute?

If you're looking for something casual, most drug stores such as CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens will be open on Christmas Eve, and they have some surprisingly good options. These are the most convenient places you can pop into to grab something on the fly like a gift card or perfume set. But if you are looking for something a little more sophisticated, Target will also be open on Christmas Eve. Department stores are also the perfect place for gifts. They have everything because they have so many different departments. Get it? That was a terrible joke, I'm sorry. The point is they have something for everyone.

So before you start freaking out about the unannounced guests arriving at dinner, or if you just need a place to escape to from all the holiday chaos, remember that there will be plenty of stores that will be open on Christmas Eve to save you.



Target just may be everyone's kryptonite. This is one of those places you can go in with no list and accidentally walk out with hundreds of dollars worth of things that you didn't realize you "needed" before you walked into the store. Find something for anybody here, including something for yourself.



CVS is actually a very practical place to pick up a quick gift. They have assorted gifts that are available during the holidays. Choose from a silky robe, a make-your-own gingerbread house, or go for a safe gift card. Either way, you can probably find a CVS on the way to any destination.


Bed Bath & Beyond

In need for a holiday gift, or just some hostess gear for the house? From sheets to kitchen gadgets, to candles, Bed Bath & Beyond carries it all.



If you need to get a quick last minute photo with Santa, find a killer holiday dress, or pick up something special for your mother-in-law, Macy's is the place to go. You can meet Santa one last time on Christmas eve right before he heads off on his slay for a magical night.



Oh, Ikea. A place you can get lost in for hours. A place where your imagination runs wild. Ikea is the perfect place to find home goods and last minute Christmas decorations. Maybe pick up some of those delicious meatballs while you're there. Yum.



Kmart has everything — clothes, toys, you name it. Stock up on all your last minute holiday needs and pick up a few extra presents to fill those stockings with.


Barnes & Noble

Books always make a good gift and we're betting that Barnes & Noble will have any genre you are looking for under their roof.



Make a quick run to Kohl's on Christmas Eve to find tons of winning gifts to include under the Christmas tree.


Toys "R" Us

You can never get too many presents for the kids. Toys "R" Us will be open if you need to pick something up last minute for your own kids or unannounced kids who show up at your holiday party.


Best Buy

On your way to grandmas house and realize she doesn't have any movies for the kids, and that she only gets basic channels? Just make a quick run into Best Buy and pick up some kid favorites.


Apple Store

If your iPhone malfunctions just before Christmas day, don't worry because the Apple Store will be open. While you're there, pick up some gifts like the new iPhone X — it would make someone very happy.


The Gap

Not only will The Gap be open Christmas Eve, but they are known to have killer sales. It might be worth making a stop here to grab some cozy outfits for the whole entire family.

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