12 Men Reveal The Unexpected Body Parts That They Think Are Hot — Umm, What?

Recently I had a friend's mother tell me that I needed to dress more glamorous to find a husband and that I dress too much like a hippie. (Little does she know, I make my own chapstick.) What!? I was shocked. I don't dress the way I dress for a man's attention, and neither should anyone else. But even without putting in any effort, apparently there are multiple unexpected body parts that men find sexy, that we never would have assumed.

Those earlobes that you never think twice of, or those arm pits that, to you, are just the pits, may be a really unexpected turn on for some guys. Everyone has their own fetish, right? True, when someone is genuinely into you, they oftentimes find what you consider to be your quirkiest qualities the most charming. Take, for instance, your collarbone, or that questionable weird mole. You might be self conscious about it, but your significant other might actually be kind of obsessed with it. So when someone's old fashioned mother tell you that you need to work on your sex appeal, don't listen.

Keep reading to hear what 15 men had to say about the body parts that they find to be hot, and prepare to be surprised by these unexpectedly desirable qualities.



"I find the earlobe to be a sexy body part — nice to nibble on." - Anonymous

Ear play is a fun way to get you and your partner in the mood, so it's not that surprising that the ear would be a turn on. But the earlobe? Does it count if it's got an earring snag?



"I like nice hands. It's always nice to see good-looking hands touching you instead of your own ugly hands" - Anthony, 29

Isn't there a Seinfeld episode about this?



"Shoulders. If I see a lady with nice shoulders in a sleeveless shirt, it’s so hot to me. I just want to stand behind her and rub her shoulders, and I don’t care how “creepy” that sounds. If a lady has nice shoulders it’s not a mistake. It means she works out or something. No one has good shoulders by laying around and watching Netflix." - Joe, 27

Actually, there are plenty of ladies who have nice shoulders without putting in a grueling workout. But for those of you who are putting in the time to sculpt those shoulders to your heart's content, know that someone othan you is noticing.



"Arms are really hot, not like jacked, but toned." - Atif, 34

My first thought was Madonna; she has great arms.



"Knees, I don't know why. I think it's more that dude's knees are so weird looking in comparison."- Tim , 27

I mean, Tim isn't wrong here.



"I like a woman's cheeks. They help highlight someone's eyes depending on their shape. They can help set the structure for someone's face." - Lance, 34

Wow, didn't expect to learn something about proportions during this research. This is actually really sweet and well-put, Lance.



"Ankles, I find them very suggestive. It's a very intimate part of a woman's body." - Ryan, 31

Okay, Ryan what century is this? Are you into toe cleavage too?



" I like wavy hair." - George, 43

Wait, guys notice this? George, you should near the beach where there are heads full of beach wave hair everywhere you turn.


Inside Of Thighs

"I'm into the inside of the thighs right above the knee. It's just the softest part of the quadricep. It's just sexy. It's soft, it's sensitive, it's very intimate." - Courtney, 34

The inside of the thigh is not unexpected, but the part just above the knee? Would you even call that the inner thigh? Apparently so.



"I think a good nose is a huge chance for a turn on." - Keele, 29

Yes, people do have onions on noses, but to hear that it's actually a sexy quality to have a nice nose is pretty unexpected. I once had a guy tell me he likes my nose. I found it very creepy.



"It makes it more fun if they are ticklish. I like to tease them, like I'm going to get them." - Tom, 28

Not to be confused with abs, it sounds like Tom is into the belly area in general and the playfulness of it, which is sweet. Oh, by the way, Tom and I would not get along. Being tickled is the worst.



"Arm pits."- Charlie, 32

As weird as this sounds I'm actually going to have to agree with him. There's something really appealing about a toned, sculpted pit.

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