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What's One Of The Most Popular Baby Name Trends Of 2017? Colors

There's no doubt that celebrities have the power to change our perception of what baby names are. Almost every day, a celebrity baby manages to turn a seemingly random object or word into a baby name. Gwyneth Paltrow turned Apple into a household baby girl name, Jamie Oliver and his wife opted for River Rockett for their son, and Beyoncé and Jay-Z have managed to pave the way in one of the top trends in baby-naming. According to Baby Center, one of the biggest baby name trends of 2017 is colors.

Each year, Baby Center takes a close look at the most popular baby names from the previous year to see what top trends are taking shape. Blue Ivy, the music stars' little girl born in 2012, jump started the colors-as-baby-names trend, which Baby Center reports has evolved into one of the top baby naming trends of 2017. Blue certainly wasn't the only hot hue experiencing a surge in popularity over the course of 2017; names like Red, Hazel and Ivory aren't far behind their celebrity kiddo in the color guard.

Whether you're an artist or simply inspired by colors, naming your kid after your favorite hue (or the one that sounds best with your last name) is a trend that's here to stay, thanks to some very famous trailblazers. The next question is whether Beyonce and Jay-Z's latest name choices for their twins, Sir and Rumi, will see the same result — only time will tell.

If you're feeling artsy, here are the colorful names that are becoming increasingly popular, and a few more color-inspired names you might enjoy.



The interesting thing about Blue as a baby name is it's versatility: it has become popular for girl babies, but even more so for boys. According to Baby Center, "The name Blue sailed up our popularity lists in 2017, by 14 percent for boys and 9 percent for girls."



When you hear the name Hazel, you may be first inclined to think that it's quite a lovely name for a girl, but it is actually gaining in popularity as a boy's name. Hazel urged a whopping 88 percent in 2017 on the Baby Center boy name list this past year.



While Blue was becoming popular, Red was having a little blast of its own. Baby Center reports that the name Red rose a steady 16 percent for boys in 2017. Red was a popular name for men of past generations, and seems especially popular for those with a strong connection to sports. Boston Celtics fans will remember (and maybe want to revere) Red Auerbach, and Red Smith, who played for the Braves in the early 1900s.



Lavender remains a primarily girl baby name, and is a more popular baby girl name in 2017 than previous years. The purple shade describes the fragrant plant, but according to Nameberry lags behind Violet and Lilac on the name list, meaning it might be a good option if you like the shade but want something less common for your daughter.



Ivory and its opposite, Ebony, (see below) made big gains on the name list in 2017. Baby Center reports, "The name Ivory swelled in popularity for both boys (71 percent) and girls (42 percent)," making it another relatively gender neutral name.



You knew it was coming, right? If Blue and Red paired up to gain popularity on the name list, Ebony wasn't going to let Ivory go it alone! Ebony rose 35 percent up the Baby Center girl name list in 2017.



John Travolta named his late son Jett, fueling the popularity of the name in the '90s. The name, which recalls the color jet-black, edged up in popularity just a smidge this past year, jumping 11 spots on the Baby Center boy name list.



Scarlett has been high on the popularity list for baby girls for a long time, and holds strong in the top 20 for 2017. What used to be a distinctly southern name has now become popular elsewhere as well. Hmm, wonder if the talented actress has anything to do with it.



Whether the name Ruby gives you visions of gemstones or just a very particular pair of sparkly shoes, it's a solidly popular name inspired by a very vivid color.



While Azure, another in the blue family, still isn't a very common baby name, its a beautiful unisex name. Perhaps parents will look to it as a less obvious Beyoncé tribute.



Gemstones themselves are experiencing a new wave of popularity in homes across the country, so naming your baby Amethyst might be right up your alley. A similar color to Lavender and Violet, but with an entirely different sound.



Hunter has traditionally been a steady option on the baby boy name list, but according to Nameberry, it made a leap over to the baby girl name list in the '90s and was one of the fastest rising names in 2013. Either way, it's a beautiful and unique moniker for any baby.

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