Some zodiac signs have personality traits that result in them feeling more jealous than others.
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12 Zodiac Sign Pairings Least Likely To Have A Successful Marriage

Even though they say opposites attract, marriage can be hard work when you're with someone whose personality and communication style is wildly different from your own. If you're into astrology and feel like your sign totally describes you, you might be wondering about the Zodiac signs you're least compatible with, marriage-wise. Each sign has at least one or two others they might want to consider steering clear of for various reasons.

As someone who's been reading their horoscope religiously since I was a kid, I can confirm that I am a total Pisces: emotional, empathetic, with a tendency toward hypersensitivity — I admit it. I'm happy to say that I didn't end up with a Gemini (sometimes emotionally aloof) or Sagittarius (social butterfly), but rather a well-matched Cancer (a fellow homebody). You can obviously take everything your zodiac sign says about you and your relationship with a large grain of salt, but it can be fun to see how eerily accurate it can be at times.

The stars say that these 12 astrological couples will face an uphill battle in trying to make a marriage work — but if they can overcome their natural differences, they might just reap a lifetime of rewards.


Aries And Cancer

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Aries and Cancer are two signs that have a tendency toward moodiness, which can cause lots of conflict and hurt feelings according to Astrostyle. Aries' bolder, more aggressive personality type can be chaffing to the sensitive Cancer, who might respond by stepping back from the relationship.


Gemini And Pisces

Gemini and Pisces both have dual natures (the twins, and the fish), which makes both of them wary of commitment cautions Elle. Gemini might find Pisces' emotional neediness completely overwhelming, while Pisces might find Gemini's standoffishness hurtful. Getting these two on the same page emotionally is going to be a tall order.


Taurus And Leo

Neither a Taurus nor a Leo is going to want to back down in a fight, according to Astrostyle, which could lead to major conflict. Leo craves spontaneity and new experiences, while Taurus just wants stability. Since both are too stubborn to compromise, the odds are stacked against them.


Cancer And Libra

Things may seem calm and cool between Cancer and Libra at times, but Ganesha Speaks warns that there may be conflict brewing beneath the surface. Both signs have a tendency to bottle up their emotions, until they burst forth and cause massive fights. That routine can get old fast, putting the stability of their relationship in jeopardy.


Leo And Capricorn


Leo is playful and energetic, but to the more serious Capricorn, that may come off as flighty and childish according to Leo, meanwhile, may see Capricorn's sternness as judgmental and condescending. These signs will either bring out the best in each other, or the very worst.


Virgo And Gemini says that Virgos can having trouble learning to trust their partner. Geminis, however, aren't the type to try to soothe Virgo's doubts and might become frustrated by them instead. If they can't find a way to build some trust, Virgo and Gemini won't have much of a shot.


Libra And Taurus

Libra's flirty nature is likely to put a strain on their relationship and trust with Taurus, according to Libra also has a tendency to be a bit of a perfectionist, which may lead them to be overly critical of Taurus. When you combine that with Taurus's natural feelings of insecurity, you have a recipe for disaster.


Scorpio and Leo

Scorpio and Leo might actually be too similar to make it work. warns that both signs can have a bit of an ego and insecurity problem, and can get hurt feelings extremely easily if they feel like they're partner isn't giving them enough attention.


Sagittarius And Virgo


Sagittarius and Virgo each love their independence, according to Astrology Zone, so commitment isn't going to come easy. When it comes to communication, Sagittarius doesn't pull any punches — which can be a major problem for the super sensitive Virgo.


Capricorn And Aries

Getting on the same wavelength will be tough for Capricorn and Aries, according to Capricorn likes to play things safe and think everything through before making any moves, according to Aries is just the opposite, craving spontaneity and the freedom to be impulsive. To Capricorn, that just comes off as reckless.


Aquarius And Scorpio

Aquarius and Scorpio appear destined for lots of clashes, warns Astro Reveal. Scorpios are an emotional bunch, whereas an Aquarius tends to be a more rational type, which can come off as unfeeling. Scorpio needs to feel in control, but Aquarius doesn't want to be tied down. These two might find themselves in a constant struggle for power in the relationship.


Pisces And Sagittarius

The Sagittarius tends to be a ball of energy, constantly on the go according to Pisces, however, is a homebody who craves comfort and staying in. These two could clash over social styles, and Sagittarius might be become totally burnt out by dealing with Pisces' emotional needs.


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