13 4th Of July 2017 Baby Outfits

Every holiday is a big deal when there's a baby in the picture, because they're celebrating it for the first time. The 4th of July is no different. How fun is it to introduce your little guy or girl to barbecues, pool parties, and stunning fireworks shows? If you and your baby have big plans for Independence Day this year, you'll obviously need the perfect outfit to celebrate in (and take lots of pictures in, of course). Luckily, there are tons of adorable 4th of July baby outfits to choose from.

Halloween and Christmas might get the most fanfare when it comes to holiday baby outfits, but don't sell the 4th of July short. Both boys and girls look adorable in stars and stripes, and it's hard to go wrong with the bold and bright red, white, and blue color scheme. Whether you want your baby to blend right in with the flag or you're looking for something that's festive but still classic enough to get lots of use out of it, there's an option here for you.

From bathing suits to dresses to pajamas and bodysuits, here are 13 adorable outfits that'll make the 4th even more fun this year.


American Flag Romper

American Flag Romper, $30, Etsy

Does it get any cuter than this American flag romper? The matching headband puts it way over the top in the adorableness department.


Stars And Stripes Romper

Stars and Stripes Romper, $22, Etsy

Boys can rock cute rompers, too. This stars and stripes romper will keep him cool and comfy for the 4th of July.


Red, White, And Blue Tutu

Red, White, and Blue Tutu, $16, Target

I can't decide whether the tied shirt or the tutu is the cutest part of this red, white, and blue baby outfit. I also can't decide if my daughter really needs this, or really really needs this.


First 4th Bodysuit

First 4th Bodysuit, $9, Old Navy

Baby's first holidays are a big deal. You can mark his or her first 4th of July with this unisex bodysuit.


Red, White, And Blue Plaid Dress

Red, White, and Blue Plaid Dress, $18, Old Navy

Your baby girl can show her true colors in this patriotic plaid dress. Whether she's running around the park or settling down to dinner at a holiday barbecue, she'll look picture perfect.


Sea To Shining Sea Rash Guard

American Flag Rash Guard, $19, Old Navy

Hanging out in the pool or running through the sprinklers are great ways for kids to stay cool on the 4th. You won't have to obsess quite as much about sunscreen by keeping them covered in this American flag rash guard.


Striped Tunic And Leggings Set

Tunic and Leggings Set, $13, Macy's

This tunic and leggings set has got the stripes minus the stars. I'm sure you can buy those separately.


Fireworks Sleeper

Fireworks Sleeper, $15, Old Navy

Your baby might be in bed by the time the fireworks kick off, but they can still celebrate the show with this cute fireworks sleeper. If they're still awake when the display starts, you might want to invest in some headphones to protect their little ears.


Bow Tie Bodysuit

Bow Tie Bodysuit, $19, Etsy

You don't need a formal occasion to dress your baby boy in a cute bow tie, in my opinion. This stars and stripes bow tie bodysuit will have him looking dapper as you celebrate the 4th.


Little Miss America Bodysuit

Little Miss America Bodysuit, $16, Etsy

Your daughter is the most beautiful girl in the world in your eyes. Now you can make it official with this Little Miss America bodysuit.


Mr. 'Merica Bodysuit

Mr. 'Merica Bodysuit, $13, Etsy

Baby boys are beautiful, too. Tout his good looks and his patriotic pride with this Mr. 'Merica bodysuit.


American Flag Rash Guard

American Flag Rash Guard, $14, Target

It may be a bathing suit, but this American flag rash guard is cute enough that it almost looks like an outfit. I'm a little bummed out that it doesn't come in grown up sizes.


Top And Shorts Set

Top and Short Set, $13, Target

If you're not into the head to toe stars and stripes look, this top and short set is a bit more subtle. It's festive enough to rock on the 4th, but still cute enough to keep wearing the rest of the summer, too.