13 '90s Movies Scenes You Could Recite By Heart As A Kid

Just as '90s music was monumental, the films that accompanied that era were that of the same. Whether you were a fan of anything Disney put out or were more of a mystery movie watcher, the '90s delivered some pretty solid movies that got plenty of laughs. Although there were plenty of movies in every genre to choose from, there were only a few '90s movie scenes that you could recite by heart as a kid, and do it oh so well.

My parents weren't that strict when it came to what we could or couldn't watch, so I had the pick of the litter when it came to the movies that came out in the '90s. One of the most quotable films for my brother and I ran into the ground when it first came out (and even now as adults) is 1999's The Wood. Though it may not be a movie that you cite as memorable, everything from the dance moves and outfits to the hilarious flashbacks to them as kids made us deem that movie as one of our top 10 favorites for life.

Need a refresher on what great movie moments the '90s gave us? These 13 memorable scenes should be able to help bring back your memory.


"Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates" From 'Forrest Gump'

While Forrest Gump has a scene to recite in just about every minute of the film, the most popular and famous one is when he begins his story of his life to the woman at the bus stop. Tell me that you never recite majority of this scene and I'll tell you I don't believe you.


"I'll Never Let Go" From 'Titanic'

As I've gotten older, I realized that Jack's life definitely could've been saved if Rose just would have moved over a tad bit, but I suppose we wouldn't have this memorable scene if she did.


"Eye To Eye" From 'A Goofy Movie'

Although this was technically a dance number, if you were a fan of one of Disney's most underrated movies, you knew Tevin Campbell's lyrics to "Eye To Eye,"


"Rolling With The Homies" From 'Clueless'

Even 20 years later, "Rolling with the Homies" continues to be the best answer when going to do things with your friends. Thanks for giving us ways to keep your spirit alive, Brittany Murphy.


"I Wipe My Own Ass" From 'Big Daddy'

Though I wasn't able to actually say the word "ass," memorizing what to blank out while reciting this scene was sometimes difficult to do.


"Hakuna Matata" From 'The Lion King'

Even well into my 20s, this scene from The Lion King still reminds me that worrying shouldn't be on my agenda.


"Anything For Selenas" From 'Selena'

If the dance moves and outfit changes weren't the scenes you remembered from the popular film, I can guarantee that hearing "Anything For Selenas" will do the trick.


"Give It To Me Baby" From 'She's All That'

Another dance scene with minimal words, seeing Matthew Lillard get down to the Rick James hit in She's All That — and trying to replicate it — was something my siblings and I took advantage of every single time.


"You Got Knocked The F**k Out!" From 'Friday'

Though I'm sure no child should have been watching Friday back in the '90s, you couldn't help but know the words to the "Red vs. Debo" scene if you got away with watching it. More importantly, you had to have known Smokey's popular quote that still gets used today.


"I Wanna Be Like Mike" From 'Bad Boys'

If wanting to "be like Mike" was a thing for you, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence's scene in 1995's Bad Boys was probably a favorite for you.


"I'll Make A Man Out Of You" From 'Mulan'

Disney's Mulan was filled with many amazing scenes, but the encouraging "I'll Make a Man Out of You" was perhaps my favorite of the lot.


"Ya Filthy Animal!" From 'Home Alone'

After leaving poor little Kevin home during a holiday trip out of town, he has to find interesting ways to survive on his own. Playing back a scene from Angels With Filthy Souls was one way he managed to stay fed. It was also a way to keep me and my sister humored while watching Home Alone.


"Supernova Girl" From 'Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century'

If you were a fan of Disney's original movies back in the '90s, there's no denying that you've sang this song once or twice in your life. Trust me, there's no judgement here.