13 Accessories Every '90s Cool Girl Used In Her Hair If She Was Totally Fly


Many words can be used to describe the '90s, but boring is not one of them. With popular fashion trends (overalls and crop tops anyone?) and TV shows making a comeback, it's safe to say that the decade is forever etched into our memories, for better or for worse. And hair accessories are no exception. If you were alive during the decade and had hair on your head, you no doubt remember the endless menagerie of hair accessories that every '90s cool girl used.

'90s girls took their hair very seriously. From the torture of getting snapped with a ball hair tie, to the moment your hair got caught in the "quick braid" tool, to the tedious work of wrapping a rainbow of embroidery thread around small strands of your hair— '90s girls were nothing without their hair toys. Like they say, beauty is pain and these accessories were no laughing matter.

You probably used most of these hair accessories yourself — and if you didn't your friends definitely did. They were the activities of sleepovers and the fodder of jealousy at school. It's still up for debate whether or not '90s hair accessories should make a comeback, but for what it's worth, these 13 '90s hair accessories were totally all that.

1All The Scrunchies


This trend carried over from the '80s and was a force to be reckoned with. Why we couldn't just use plain old hair ties is beyond me.

2Butterfly Clips


So many clips, so little time.

3Ball Hair Ties

They hurt like a b*tch, and I still to this day don't know how to work them.

4The Handkerchief Headband


And also whatever Miranda has going on there.

5Topsy Tail


Conair was at it again with the Topsy Tail tool— creating twisty ponytails that you could literally do with your own hands.

6The Crimper


Basically the '90s equivalent of a zig-zag perm that you could do it at home.

7Hair Wraps

They were impossible to get out, but at least you looked like all that and a bag of chips.

8Stiff Gel


For hair that reached the heavens and when hairspray just wouldn't cut it.


Another form of colorful self-torture that you had to dig into your skull in order to clip.


Bonus points for anyone who could keep their hair up without actually using a hair-tie first.

11Sun In

The only scented way to get that coveted blonde hair.


Like a snap bracelet, but for your hair and with endless possibilities.

13Banana Clip

Another one that I never fully figured out, but having a ponytail shaped like a banana is a good thing, right?