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'The Bachelor' Season 21 Premiere Got Very Awkward

It's a new year so you know what that means: making resolutions that will inevitably fall apart by February, writing "2016" instead of "2017" for months, and — best of all — a new season of everyone's favorite reality dating show, The Bachelor. With Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise veteran Nick Viall as this year's bachelor, this is bound to be an exciting time. But this is The Bachelor we're talking about though, so cringe-worthy moments are expected as well — and the premiere did not disappoint. In fact, I was able to pick up on no less than 13 extremely awkward moments from The Bachelor Season 21 premiere that prove this season is going to be a wild ride.

When ABC announced that Nick was chosen as the next Bachelor hoping to find love, there were definitely mixed reactions. Some fans were happy from the onset, while others thought the show should give another contestant a chance. Given how entertaining the premiere was, we cannot help but be on Team Nick now. From costumes to hot dogs in books (yes, really), the women fighting for Nick's love certainly did not hold back their affection for him either. Just be warned: some of these awkward moments are better experienced covering your eyes with one hand, wine glass in the other.


Josephine's Cat Whispering

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Alright, yes this was an awkward moment — but it's arguably the most relatable moment as well. Josephine is a nursing student who says she loves taking care of people, but she's lonely. There is one current love of her life, though: her cat. As Josephine said, though, her cat's love is "not the same." We then get an... intimate moment of the two where Josephine pets her cat and meows to him. We feel your pain, Josephine.


Christen's Fan Entrance

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We get it: Bachelor contestants want to make a good first impression when they meet Nick. They don't want to blend into the crowd. In some cases, though, it's a little much. Christen did a bit of a shimmy with a fan — which color coordinated with her dress — covering her face. She then flung the fan dramatically, but wilted to the ground. Nick said he loved the creativity... we did a bit, too.


Taylor's Word Vomit

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Oh, dear. When mental health counselor Taylor met Nick, she said that her co-workers all advised against it and told her he's "a big piece of sh*t." Wonderful first impression! Nick clearly was not amused. She tried to save face by saying she didn't believe them, but the damage was done. After Taylor walked off, Nick murmured that he "cannot wait to meet her friends."


Ida Marie's Trust Fall

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Contestant Ida Marie gets points for the first use of the word "trust" this season... but its usage was a bit weird. According to her, trust is very important — so she made Nick do a trust fall with her. Thankfully, he caught her.


The Neil Lane Cameo

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When professional basketball dancer Jasmine met Nick, she acknowledged that this wasn't his first rodeo and wanted to "help get things off his plate now." Out came Neil Lane from her limo, along with three choices for engagement rings. Nick — and the other contestants — were a bit shocked. Save it for the honeymoon suite, Jasmine!


Astrid's German Introduction

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Again, we all understand you want to give a memorable first impression with Nick... but speaking in a language he doesn't understand may not go over so well. Astrid decided to speak to Nick in German — about her breasts and sex, no less. "I don't know any German but I could've sworn she said 'sex'," Nick said as she walked off. He wasn't wrong!


Danielle's Maple Syrup Seduction

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When Danielle met Nick, she said she loves giving people homemade gifts. Naturally, she saw this as the perfect opportunity to give Nick some of her dad's maple syrup — and to try it with him as well. She put some on her finger and had Nick taste it. He then said he hopes "her fingers are clean." This got way too dirty way too fast — typical Nick.


Jaimi's "Balls"

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Jaimi commented that Nick "has balls" — and then promptly said that she does too. Nick asked if she meant figuratively. While there was a sliver of hope that there was a Bachelor contestant that was coming out as non-cis, this is not the case with Jaimi: she was talking about the "balls" of her septum ring. She wanted to show Nick "what she was working with." Uh, OK?


The Montage Of Weird

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After Jaimi came a cavalcade of odd first encounters with Nick. There was Briana, who wanted to listen to Nick's heart with her stethoscope and commented that she usually makes her patients take their shirts off. Then came Susannah and her beard massage. And we can't forget Brittany, who made Nick bend over for an "inspection." That's not all, though...


Josephine... Again

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Our gal Josephine-the-cat-whisperer, who was in the montage of weird, deserves her own number. She came up to Nick and said that he's a "wiener in her book" — literally. She literally put a hot dog in a hollowed out book. She then asked if he wants to "Lady and the Tramp" the hot dog. And Nick, bless his heart, went along with it. Apparently the hot dog tasted as gross as it looked.


Alexis The Aspiring Dolphin Trainer

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We saw a bit of Alexis in a clip of her in her hometown where she discussed how much she loves dolphins... and she wasn't kidding. She loves dolphins so much, she decided to go meet Nick in a dolphin costume. (It was totally the Left Shark costume from Katy Perry's Superbowl performance, but she tried.) Alexis said she "dolphin-ately" couldn't wait to talk to Nick more inside. For someone who loves the animal so much, she may want to brush up on her dolphin puns.


Jasmine Tried & Failed To Steal Nick Away

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As Nick quickly realized, talking to 30 women in one night is a difficult task. He attempted to have "meaningful" conversations with all of them, but in some cases came up short. At one point, Jasmine tried to take him for some one-on-one time, and he said he couldn't because someone else "asked him first." This tug of war over the Bachelor in the first few episodes is never not cringe-worthy.


Alexis Became One With The Dolphin

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It's clear that as the night went on, things got more and more silly. Not only did Alexis start catching food into her mouth thrown by other contestants — but she actually went into the pool and started dolphin calling to Nick. This prompted him to investigate, and they — like Alexis and the other contestants — argued about whether or not her attire was actually a shark outfit (it is totally a shark outfit).

Suffice to say, the night was full of twists and turns, but after everything that came out of this evening, one thing is for sure — it's going to be a very interesting season.