13 Baby Boy Names Inspired By Your Favorite '90s Cool Guys

When you're expecting a little boy, there are a million different places to turn for name inspiration. You could look to your family tree, baby name websites, or popular movies. It can get overwhelming with the amount of potential names out there. To make things a little easier on yourself, why not turn to the not-so-distant past for your much needed inspiration. The '90s weren't just a decade of sitcoms and neon fashion, they were actually full of classic names. There's nothing wrong with choosing a baby name inspired by your favorite '90s cool guys. And don't worry, it can be our little secret.

While some of the names are classics that are still popular today (and were well before the '90s), some are more unique and would definitely make your baby stand out from the crowd.

Men in the '90s had it kind of rough, with the baggy pants, middle parts, and spiked tips. But one thing they did have going for them was their killer names. Be it a fictional character, a pop star, or an actor, there are plenty of great name choices inspired by your favorite '90s boys. Just please excuse the bad fashion and haircuts.



Short for William, which means "resolute protector," you can't really go wrong with naming your child after one of the biggest actors of the '90s.



James van der Beek played Dawson Leery in Dawson's Creek, which spanned the entire decade. Dawson means "son of David in Welch" and is a unique choice for a little boy.



Joseph is a classic name made even more popular by our favorite Joseph of them all. The name is Hebrew for "Jehovah increases" and even if you're not into Joseph Gordon-Levitt, it's still a great choice.


John Or Jesse

John means "God is gracious" and Jesse means "gift". Both are perfectly acceptable ways to pay tribute to the Full House star.



Back in the day, Lance Bass was one of the front men of the boy band N'Sync. His name is diminutive of Lancelot, meaning "servant."



Mario Lopez, who played A.C. Slater on Saved By The Bell, is the only person capable of rocking a curly mullet. His name is the Italian version of Marius— for Mars, the Greek god of war.



Short for Nicolas, which means "people of victory," Nick Carter was the reason we loved the Backstreet Boys.



Rider Strong played Corey Matthews best friend Shawn in Boy Meets World. Naturally, the name means "horseman," and would make a unique choice for a baby name.



Or Marky Mark if you're really feeling adventurous. The name means "warlike" and is a classic boy's name.



Similar but younger sounding than John, Johnny means "God is gracious." Besides, who wouldn't want Johnny Depp as their child's namesake?



Justin Timberlake was the "It Boy" of the entire decade. His name means "fair and righteous" and could definitely use a comeback.



Leonardo Di Caprio, whose name means "brave lion," got his start in the '90s but that was only the beginning.



Corey Matthews, leading man in Boy Meets World, was as sweet as he was hilarious. His name is Irish for "from the hollow" and isn't nearly as popular as it should be.