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13 Baby Names Inspired By Classic Movie Heroines

Naming your baby is no small task. From scouting out the meaning, to choosing the perfect middle name, to discovering monikers that every other baby won't have, it's no wonder that some parents-to-be find it overwhelming. Luckily, there are endless sources of inspiration, maybe even in places you haven't thought to look yet, like popular movies. Baby names inspired by classic movie heroines might sound cheesy at first, but hear me out, because these are names you don't want to miss out on.

Movies, and the characters in them, have an undeniable influence on people — particularly children. Think about the power behind choosing a name of an influential, strong, independent, and smart female movie character and giving it to your future daughter. Not only would she have that heroine to look up to, but her name would likely stand apart from the crowd instantly.

Whether you're a fan of the oldies or more recent classics, there are plenty of awesome ladies, with even better names, to choose from, no matter the genre or release date. So take a bit of the stress out of picking the perfect name and give your baby an awesome name and namesake all in one.




Marion Ravenwood can hold her own in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Her name means "bitter," but it doesn't detract from this beautiful sounding name.



Lucy Pevensie from The Chronicles of Narnia series is curious, kind, smart, and passionate — the perfect namesake. Her name means "light," which has a lot of depth.



Anne of Green Gables was a childhood favorite, and the spunky red haired girl whose name means "grace" would make an excellent choice for any girl.



Princess Leia from the Star Wars series was as BA as they come. Though it's an invented name, it's a gorgeous alternative to the more common Leah or Linea.



Scarlett O'Hara was the heroine we all had a love/hate relationship with. Gone With The Wind is a classic though, so it's impossible to leave out. Her name is a gorgeous, dramatic color name, a perfect fit for her personality.



Though it's meaning is obscure, Aibileen is a beautiful and unique name from one of the heroines of The Help.



Dorothy, meaning "gift of God," is the heroine from the classic Wizard of Oz, and is the perfect vintage name to bring back.



Katniss is the name of an edible aquatic plant, and also the heroine of the hugely popular trilogy The Hunger Games.



With religious roots, Trinity means "triad" and is the name of one of the main character of The Matrix series.



Jo March was the spunky, creative, adventurous middle sister of Little Women, the book turned movie. Her name is short for Josephine, which means "Jehovah increases," though it stands perfectly on its own as well.



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From the classic novel turned movie in the '60s, Scout is a inquisitive young girl with the perfect gender-neutral name.



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Demi Moore's character in G.I. Jane, Jordan O'Neil is the epitome of intense. Her name is a great gender-neutral name meaning "flowing down."



A name invented by the author of Peter Pan, Wendy Darling had the adventure of a lifetime that every child envies.