13 Baby Names Without Nicknames, Because One Moniker Is More Than Enough

by Olivia Youngs

Growing up, I always wished my name had an awesome nickname to go along with it. Some Olivias are called Liv and sometimes my family would call me just “O,” but I thought having a real, genuine nickname (whatever that means) would somehow make my name better or more legitimate. Looking back, I’m so glad my parents chose baby names without nicknames; names that can stand on their own. Though it’s not the shortest name out there, it is one that people aren’t always shortening down to one or two syllables.

If you’re in the market for a nickname-free moniker, look no further. Maybe nicknames make the list of things you just can’t stand, or maybe you want to be able to decide what people call your child without worrying about anyone coming up with silly nicknames for them.

Whatever the case may be, this list of 17 names has everything from short-and-sweet one syllable names to names that are longer but can stand on their own. It would take some serious creativity to make nicknames for these monikers- and why waste the energy when they’re all pretty fabulous just the way they are. If you need a gender neutral name, a girl’s name that stands out from the rest or a title for your little manly man, there’s bound to be one or two for you here.



A derivative of the name Eve meaning life and bird, this name has seen a huge boost in popularity. It’s the perfect short name that packs a unique punch- and that would be pretty hard to shorten further.



This Scottish name meaning dweller of the plain would be a great gender neutral choice for either a boy or a girl.



Not limited to the teenage-heartthrob Austin Mahone or the always classy Austin Powers, this slightly longer name is just as tricky to nickname as the rest. The name means magnificent or great, making it kind of an obvious decision.



Whether you opt or Brie or Bree, this upbeat, free spirited name means strength or exalted one and would be a great choice for your little girl if you’re looking for an alternative to the more popular (and easily nickname-able) Briana or Branwen.



This short, but smooth sounding name is perfect for your suave baby boy.



Could you think of a better namesake than the star of My So Called Life? Claire, meaning bright or clear, is a gorgeous, stand-alone choice for a parent looking for a name that’s simple yet strong.



This Biblical boy’s name means ascended or uplifted and is a worthy contender that’s short and sweet.



First appearing in pop culture as the troublemaker Huckleberry Finn, this moniker has made appearances in TV shows and films for years. Meaning white or fair, it’s a great gender-neutral name choice.



Though this name brings about images of gorgeous gems, it’s also bears a bit of strength and wisdom (and badass actress Jada Pinkett Smith.) Your child is sure to have some confidence with this moniker.



Made popular by the melodious Morgan Freeman, this gender-neutral name means sea or circle. Perfect if you plan on raising a beach baby.



The iconic actress Reese Witherspoon may have popularized this name, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be a great choice for your little one too. Reese, meaning ardor, is a great unisex choice.



The deep red jewel has become a popular name for girls over the years. The good news is it can’t be very easily shortened, because “roob” just doesn’t sound right.



This gorgeous, short and sweet name meaning life is hard to shorten any further, and frankly, why would you want to?