13 Best Halloween Costumes For Breastfeeding Moms, That Are Cute & Convenient

by Kristina Johnson

Finding cute, comfortable, and affordable clothing that accommodates breastfeeding isn't always the easiest task. If you're anything like me, you end up rotating through a small handful of tops and dresses, leaving a significant portion of your wardrobe untouched until the day you decide to wean. So you might assume you'd be out of luck when it comes to finding a Halloween costume that's easy to breastfeed in. Surprisingly though, there are a ton of Halloween costume ideas for nursing moms that should make breastfeeding totally manageable.

Breastfeeding moms obviously need access to their boobs at a moment's notice, because a hungry baby doesn't want to wait a minute longer than necessary. A full body catsuit that you have to totally remove in order to nurse or pump (not to mention use the bathroom) obviously wouldn't be practical. Zip-front costumes, button-downs, jackets, and costumes that rely more on accessories are what you'll need. Luckily, there are lots of amazing costumes that fall into those categories, whether you're going to for a sexy, silly, or spooky vibe on Halloween night. Some even make your baby part of the costume, becoming the absolute cutest accessory ever.

Here are 13 costume ideas that breastfeeding moms will look and feel awesome in on Halloween.