13 Best Halloween 2018 Costumes For Breastfeeding Moms, That Are Cute & Convenient


Finding cute, comfortable, and affordable clothing that accommodates breastfeeding isn't always the easiest task. If you're anything like me, you end up rotating through a small handful of tops and dresses, leaving a significant portion of your wardrobe untouched until the day you decide to wean. So you might assume you'd be out of luck when it comes to finding a Halloween costume that's easy to breastfeed in. Surprisingly though, there are a ton of Halloween costume ideas for nursing moms that should make breastfeeding totally manageable.

Breastfeeding moms obviously need access to their boobs at a moment's notice, because a hungry baby doesn't want to wait a minute longer than necessary. A full body catsuit that you have to totally remove in order to nurse or pump (not to mention use the bathroom) obviously wouldn't be practical. Zip-front costumes, button-downs, jackets, and costumes that rely more on accessories are what you'll need. Luckily, there are lots of amazing costumes that fall into those categories, whether you're going to for a sexy, silly, or spooky vibe on Halloween night. Some even make your baby part of the costume, becoming the absolute cutest accessory ever.

Here are 13 costume ideas that breastfeeding moms will look and feel awesome in on Halloween.

1Pink Lady

Pink Satin Jacket With Neck Scarf



The iconic Pink Ladies jacket from 'Grease' is basically a complete costume on its own. That means you can wear your favorite nursing top underneath and still be in character.

2Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Classic Costume


Halloween Costumes

Making milk to feed a baby is basically a super power, so why not go with a super hero costume? Wonder Woman's bustier should be able to slip down for nursing or pumping.

3Salt Or Pepa

Push It Pop Star Costume


Halloween Costumes

Throw on this jacket and you'll instantly look like an '80s rap star. I'm not sure if the jacket is more Salt or Pepa, but either way you can slip out of it quickly to breastfeed.

4Top Gun Girl

Top Gun Dress



With a 'Top Gun' sequel in the works, don't be surprised if the ever popular Maverick character becomes even more popular. With its front zipper, this mini-dress provides quick access for nursing on the go.


Butterfly Wings Shawl



Wrap this gorgeous, colorful shawl around your shoulders and you're ready to rock that costume party. It's the simplest costume ever, and would make breastfeeding and any other baby duty a snap. Plus you can use it as a cover up if you're trying to be discreet.


Stitch Me Up Nurse Women's Costume


Halloween Costumes

The buttons down the front of this costume will make it super easy to be a nursing nurse.


Cozy Monkey Costume



Feeding a hungry baby is no monkey business, which is why this monkey costume makes it quick and easy. Just unzip as far as you need and go.


Zipster Black Cat One Piece


Party City

This fuzzy black cat costume looks perfect for nursing snuggles. It's yet another option with a full front zipper to make boob access simple.


Chef and Lobster Mom and Baby Costume


Party City

If you're a breastfeeding pro that can nurse your baby from their cozy spot in a carrier, this costume is perfect for you. Any nursing top will do, because let's face it, everyone's going to be too focused on your adorable baby lobster to notice your half of the costume.


Octopus and Diver Mom and Baby Costume


Party City

If it feels like your baby has eights limbs when you're trying to change their diaper or stuff them into a carseat, this cute baby octopus costume could be a perfect fit. Since your matching outfit just means throwing on a mask and swim fins, there will be nothing to shimmy out of in order to nurse.

11Rockford Peach

Rockford Peach Costume


Spirit Halloween

You'll be in a league of your own with this adorable Rockford Peach outfit. Undo a couple of buttons and your hungry baby will get fed.


Faux Fur Unicorn Vest


Spirit Halloween

Another one and done option, you just have to throw this fuzzy, furry vest on and you're ready to nurse. It doesn't get much easier than that for a breastfeeding mom.

13Zombie Nurse

Grave Shift Zombie Nurse Costume


Spirit Halloween

If you're more into scary Halloween costumes, this zombie nurse outfit will work for breastfeeding... assuming your baby doesn't find it terrifying. Maybe this one's more appropriate for pumping.