13 Blue & Orange Drinks For Broncos Fans To Sip On Super Bowl Sunday

After an awesome win over the New England Patriots, Peyton Manning and the rest of the Denver Broncos are heading to the Super Bowl 50. Broncos fans everywhere are ecstatic, and counting down the days until the big game. They're planning their parties by shopping for Broncos inspired decor, planning a Denver-centric menu, and searching for recipes for blue and orange drinks to celebrate the Broncos.

The main event of Super Bowl Sunday is, of course, the football game. But a close second and third would have be the food and the booze. It's a party after all! And although it wouldn't be a Super Bowl with many varieties of beer, there's also room for a cocktail or two.

If you're a Bronco's fan, you better make sure that you're wearing blue and orange, and that your specialty drinks for the evening are sporting the team's colors as well. Orange drinks aren't too terribly hard to come by (Screwdriver, anyone?) but a blue beverage, on the other hand, can be more difficult to concoct. They are out there, though, and they're extra fun.

From virgin drinks to tequila cocktails, there's a refreshment for every Broncos fan at your party. Here are 13 super-fan beverages to serve at your Super Bowl get-together and to sip on while you cheer for Manning and the team!


Tequila Sunrise

You can't go wrong with a classic cocktail. Try this tequila sunrise from Averie Cooks.


Lemon-Lime Blue Slushie

Whether you keep Baked By Rachel's electric blue drink non-alcoholic or add a splash of something doesn't matter — drinking anything this color is bound to be fun.


Spicy Grapefruit Margarita

Half Baked Harvest's grapefruit margarita is the hint of summer your February needs, and the pop of orange your party is begging for.


Little Tickle Cocktail

Ok, so this vodka and gin drink from Jelly Toast Blog airs on the side of purple, but let's call it indigo and serve it up.


Aperol Spritz

A Spicy Perspective's Aperol spritz is light and refreshing, making it perfect for a Super Bowl party where you start consuming libations pretty early on in the afternoon.


Boozy Blueberry Floats

Serve this cocktail for dessert! Combining liquor and ice cream is a pretty genius move, so kudos to Foodie Crush for this alcoholic float recipe.


Melon Mint Agua Fresca

Serve Mom On Time out's agua fresca as a non-alcoholic option, or feel free to spike it if you so desire. Gotta love that deep orange color though — and love that she used blue straws! (Go Broncos!)


Ginger Ale Blueberry Spritzers

These ginger ale blueberry spritzers from I Am A Food Blog add a soft touch of blue to your party, and provide an in-theme cocktail for those who prefer bourbon.


Spiced Cider Punch

Another non-alcoholic beverage, this cider punch from Taste And Tell is totally kid-friendly. Perfect for the baby Broncos at your game day event.


Honey Grapefruit Martini

There's no better way to support the Broncos than with a bright orange martini, like this one from The Little Epicurean. Everyone's a better fan when they're a little bit buzzed.


Sparkling Blue Mocktail

The kids will go crazy for What's Cooking, Love?'s fruit punch mocktails. And for adults who like embracing their inner child, feel free to add a dash of vodka.


Cranberry Orange Bourbon Cocktail

This orange bourbon cocktail from The Little Epicurean is a sophisticated option, especially compared to a 30-rack of Bud Light. So why not have the best of both worlds and serve both?


Scotch-Champagne Fizz

And now, best of all, a blue and orange drink! This scotch-champagne fizz from Food & Style is basically a necessary cocktail for any Broncos fan during the Super Bowl.

Images: Courtesy of Food & Style; Averie Cooks; Baked By Rachel; Half Baked Harvest; Jelly Toast Blog; A Spicy Perspective; Foodie Crush; Mom On Time Out; I Am A Food Blog; Taste And Tell; The Little Epicurean; What's Cooking, Love?; The Little Epicurean; Food & Style