13 'Breaking Bad' Baby Names That Won't Turn Your Child Into A Meth Cooker

by Olivia Youngs

Breaking Bad was — and still is — one of the greatest TV series. It's second to none when it comes to plot twists, drama and, above all else, captivating characters. With main characters viewers grow to simultaneously love and hate, it's natural to feel a little bit of "viewer's remorse" when it's over. If your love of the show runs deeper than just surface level entertainment and you can relate to the characters (sans the meth cooking and drug empire way) or even just appreciate what they brought to the series, it may be time to consider some Breaking Bad baby names for your future children. Yes, seriously.

Although it may seem strange to some to name your child after a fictitious chemistry teacher turned drug lord, if you choose to name your child Walter White, no judgement will be passed from me. If Walt wasn't your favorite, there are plenty of other great characters and actors involved with that the series that provide excellent naming inspiration. And since most of the monikers associated with the show are fairly classic choices, your child won't automatically be associated Breaking Bad. So your decision to name your child after one of the characters can be our little secret, OK?



The man, the myth, the legend himself, Walter White is the main character viewers love to hate. Walter means "army ruler," which is pretty powerful, regardless of your feelings about the character.



Admittedly not the greatest role model, Jesse Pinkman has many redeeming qualities and turns out to be more of a hero than he expected. Not to mention this gender-neutral name means "gift", which is exactly what your child is.



Meaning "scholar" or "guarded," Skyler had more than her fair share of drama throughout the show. But when it's all said and done, she'll do whatever it takes to protect her family.



Saul Goodman is Walt and Jesse's unpredictable, borderline crazy lawyer, who keeps them out of (and gets them into) a lot of trouble. The name Saul name dates all the way back to Biblical times, and means "prayed for". And let me tell you. Saul and Co. need a lot of prayers to get through their troubles.



A more subtle salute to the series would be to choose a name of one of the actors or actresses. Anna Gunn played Skyler and has a gorgeous name that means "grace."



Holly was Walt and Skyler's baby daughter, so it's a natural choice for any Breaking Bad fanatic's offspring.



Gustavo Fring, or Gus, was the Drug Lord who had everyone fooled. Though Gus is short for a whole menagerie of names (Augustus, Gustavo, Angus, Augustine...), it stands on it's own just fine too.



Skyler's uptight but well-meaning sister Marie is another great inspiration for a subtle salute to the show. Her name, hugely popular at the turn of the century, is the French version of Mary and could use a well-deserved comeback.



Not a familiar name to you? That's because, Dean Norris is the man behind Walt's brother-in-law Hank. A classy name that's quickly climbing the popularity charts, Dean might be the perfect pick for your baby.



This Irish name meaning "strong, virtuous and honorable", is the name of the man behind Walter White, Brian Cranston.



Jane, Jesse's girlfriend and landlord, is anything but plain and her name is too. Meaning "God's gracious gift", it would make a beautiful choice for a baby girl.



Walt and Skyler's son Walter Jr. is played by actor RJ Mitte. And the best part is that you can have some fun with this name. Make R and J initials for another name, or have them stand on their own.



Inspired by the man behind Jesse Pinkman, Aaron means "high mountain, exalted or enlightened." You can't really argue with a name like that.