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13 Celebrities Who Have Surprisingly High IQs

When I was in sixth grade, I was called out of my first period class to start a series of tests that would determine whether or not I could be put into gifted classes. I wasn't really excited about the thought of being separated from my regular friends, but I was excited about being challenged in my classes. Because I joke a lot, people are surprised when they find out I'm intellectually gifted. Similarly, I am surprised when I see the list of some of my favorite celebrities who have high IQs too.

According to freeiqtest.net, IQ scores that are ranked between 130 and 144 are deemed as gifted, 145 to 159 as genius, and 160 to 175 as extraordinary genius. Whether the characters they play on television are in opposition of their true selves like Ashton Kutcher in That '70s Show and Nolan Gould in Modern Family, or display closely related traits to their real lives, there are many celebrities with IQs that could possibly surprise their fans. Not to say that I doubt their ability to be intelligent, but when your IQ score surpasses Albert Einstein, a raise in an eyebrow or two is surely deserved.

Check out this list of 13 celebrities whose IQs are higher than normal.


Geena Davis

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According to MENSA's official website, Academy-award winning actress Geena Davis is listed as a member to the prestigious society.


Stephen Hawking

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Theoretical physicist, cosmologist, and author, Stephen Hawking, has been said to have an IQ of 160, according to IB Times.


James Woods

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After nabbing a near perfect SAT score before he enrolled at UCLA, Yahoo! Finance wrote that actor James Woods has an exceptional IQ of 184.


Quentin Tarantino

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Business Insider noted that incredible director Quentin Tarantino Quentin Tarantino has an IQ of 160 — the same as Stephen Hawking.


Steve Martin

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Steve Martin may be known for supplying fans with loads of laughs, but it seems as if his talents range far further than that. CBS News noted that funny man Steve Martin has an estimated IQ of 142.


Sharon Stone

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According to Examiner, the gorgeous Sharon Stone is deemed a genius.


Mayim Bialik

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According to Movie Pilot, the former star of Blossom and mother of two has an impressive IQ that falls between 150 and 163. The actress also holds a Ph.D in neuroscience from UCLA, Hollywood noted.



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Shakira's hips aren't the only things that don't lie, apparently. According to Huffington Post, Shakira's test scores prove that she's a genius.


Hillary Clinton

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Examiner noted that current democratic presidential candidate and former First Lady Hillary Clinton scored a 140 on her IQ test.


Matt Damon

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Nicole Kidman

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Actress Nicole Kidman's beauty isn't the only thing that stands the test of times these days. According to CBS News, Kidman's IQ score of 132 can too.



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Though most may not think that Madonna and Hillary Clinton have much in common, Examiner proved that they do by noting that Madonna also has an IQ of 140.


Conan O'Brien

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Graduating magnum cum laude from Harvard University, Conan O'Brien's IQ of 160 didn't stop him from being the go-to funny man on campus, according to Movie Pilot.