13 Chrissy Teigen Tweets That Perfectly Describe What All New Moms Go Through

by Lindsay E. Mack

Life is tough out there for new moms. Judgement abounds for everyone, even if you’re a former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model who's married to a Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter. Chrissy Teigen’s tweets about parenthood perfectly describe what all new moms go though. She’s trying to maintain a good sense of humor in the face of a society that has borderline impossible expectations of mothers. Seriously: the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t scrutiny is beyond ridiculous.

In the latest brouhaha, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend went out for dinner a week after the birth of their daughter Luna, and judgy netizens lost their minds, as E! Online reported. Never mind that this successful couple probably has the means to make sure someone can watch Luna while they go out for a couple of hours. Or that maintaining regular date nights after having a baby is advice given to many a married couple. It looks like, by trying to be a good partner, Teigen was shamed for being a bad mother. Wouldn’t it be much kinder to just call a ceasefire on this judgement of new moms? Sure, if you suspect any parent of actual negligence, then it may make sense to intervene. But in this case, the daughter of two celebrities is probably very well cared-for. And Teigen’s ability to shake off these inane comments with class and humor is a good sign for new moms everywhere who also face judgement from random people.


Puzzling Instances Of Judgement

Well, if they had brought the new baby with them to dinner, you can bet the comments would have been even harsher. Sometimes it seems like new parents just can't win.



Yeah, there's a lot people don't tell you about the postpartum period. Sometimes it's better to go in unaware.



Isn't she sly? This is a friendly reminder to give credit where credit is due.


Parent Of The Year

By embracing her status as a "bad parent," Teigen shuts down her detractors in the most classy and appropriate way possible. Tell 'em, mamma!


Telling It Like It Is

Unfortunately this is only the beginning. The passive aggressive comments from the peanut gallery will go on for a long time. Probably until Luna graduates college.


Babies Change Everything

Social media is one of the few things to stay the same. This is good and bad.


Well-Meaning Moms

Sure, sometimes well-meaning new moms can wear out the newest members of their tribe. It comes from a good place, but it looks like Teigen needs a little breathing room.


Like Mother, Like Daughter

There is almost nothing that a pregnant lady won't try to flip a baby. Have you ever witnessed a mother-to-be doing an elephant walk?


Who Designed This?

There's definitely a learning curve with installing a car seat. Oh, and with every other aspect of parenting as well.


Oh Snap

Again: when dealing with pregnant ladies or new moms, sometimes it's best to keep the comments to yourself. Pregnancies just take as long as they need to.


Real Talk

You have to admire Teigen's honesty. She doesn't sugar-coat things.


Nesting Versus Hoarding

How can new moms tell the difference between regular shopping and nesting? It's very subtle.



The level of judgement is astounding. But as usual, Teigen takes the high road.