13 Clever Halloween Costumes For Babies That'll Make You Go "Aww"

If you want your baby to look like the hippest kid on the block come October 31, you can't just settle for an typical store-bought Halloween costume. There is a whole world of clever Halloween costumes for babies that may have never crossed your mind. Take advantage of them now, before your little one starts demanding to dress up like whichever commercialized cartoon character is momentarily popular (and likely out of stock).

You may not realize it, but there are unlimited ways to transform your baby's everyday clothes into unique costumes by adding a few inexpensive touches such as face paint, a headband, a hat, or a mask. The best part about incorporating everyday apparel into your child's Halloween costume is that you can stretch your dollar by using the pieces over and over again in your baby's wardrobe.

You will soon see that there are versatile pieces such as black and white striped rompers and black skirts that can be transformed into several different unique and unexpected costumes. Another great reason to use baby apparel is that it is made to be comfortable for the inevitable moment your little one falls asleep after a long evening of trick-or-treating.

Here are some adorable and clever costumes for your baby's first Halloween.


Harry(ette) Potter

Look at this sweet little Gryffindor. To recreate this look you need a collared bodysuit ($6), t-strap red shoes ($19), a Harry Potter-inspired bow tie ($8), white knee high socks ($7), and some round glasses ($7).


The Tin Man

This adorable Tin Man can be put together with a gray romper ($40), silver shoes ($16), a big plastic funnel ($5), a red heart pin ($6), and silver spray paint ($9) to paint the funnel.


Bat Girl

This little baby bat girl can be easily recreated using a black tutu romper ($14) this super cute bat hat ($7) from Ikea.



Your little one will be collecting firewood in no time with this plaid onesie ($17), blue jeans ($16), striped suspenders ($15), and this black beanie hat ($4).



You can turn your baby into the cutest dalmatian ever with the white and black polka dot dress ($24), some toy firefighter gear ($16), and a little eyeliner or face paint to create a doggy nose.



This adorable Beetlejuice costume can be recreated with a black and white horizontally-striped romper ($55), some green hair shadow ($1), and face paint ($12).


Rainbow Brite

Your little one will love this costume put together with a Rainbow Brite onesie ($22), a rainbow floral headband ($8), white knee high socks ($7), and red t-strap shoes ($19).



Another blast from the past is this Hamburglar costume that you can make using a black and white striped romper ($29), a black cape ($10) , a derby hat ($9), a black mask ($16 for set of eight), and a red tie ($8).



Bring it back to the '20s with a black tutu ($7), a white camisole onesie ($13), a black and pearl headband ($9), and a long pearl necklace ($7 for set of eight).



Your baby will be even sweeter in a yellow romper ($27) and a handmade pineapple beanie ($17).



You will have the most precious mime when you put together this striped onesie ($32), a black tutu ($7), a black beret ($3), and some face paint ($12).


Strong Man

Your little guy will look like the strongest man at the circus with this striped romper ($29),a pair of red booties ($24), and a toy dumbbell ($13).


Kitty Cat

Turn your baby into a kitty cat with a black long sleeve onesie ($14), a leopard skirt ($13), cat ears headband ($15) and black eyeliner ($5) for her nose and whiskers.