13 Custom Mother's Day 2018 Gifts That Are So Sweet, They'll Make Mom Cry

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13, which means now is the time to start shopping for the moms in your life — and to start dropping hints for what you want come Mom Day. Birthing a human is a magnificent feat and it deserves to be recognized with an equally magnificent gift. That's why we've got 13 bespoke gifts for Mother's Day that you'll love to give...and receive.

We're all familiar with the Mother's Day staples — breakfast in bed, fresh flowers, a gift certificate for a massage. All sweet but also expected. If you want your Mother's Day gift to go the extra mile, it's time to get creative. Instead of a bouquet of roses, why not try a deconstructed version, like this rose perfume from Anthropologie? Or in addition to treating you mom to brunch, consider throwing in a breakfast cookbook that she can enjoy all year long.

When it comes to shopping for that perfect Mother's Day gift, remember the sage words of Givenchy, "Luxury is in each detail." Here are 13 bespoke Mother's Day gift ideas that will surely secure you spot as favorite daughter, daughter-in-law or step-daughter. (Note: there's no harm buying one for you, and one for mom!)


Personalized Constellation Print

Constellation print, $45+, Etsy

This framed print is a fresh take on the typical "family tree" print. Using the dates that you and your siblings were born on, OurLoveWasBorn uses astromony software to pull in the night sky from those specific dates.

What really made me tear up was the quote by Robert Breault at the top of the print: "What is a mom but the sunshine of our days and the North Star of our nights."


Monogrammed Clutch

Vegan Leather Monogrammed Crossbody Clutch, $30, Etsy

Personalizing a gift makes it that much more thoughtful. I love this monogrammed tote from Etsy purveyor, SouthernTradeMark. It's the perfect size for the essentials: phone, keys, and wallet. To make it extra special for Mother's Day, consider tucking in a heartfelt handwritten note.


Birthstone Rings

Custom birthstone ring, $29, Etsy

As I child of the '80s, I remember a lot of moms rocking birthstone rings. Fortunately, Silver Handwriting has a fresh take on that old classic. I love the simple elegance of this symbolic family ring, and you can include one birthstone for each of the 3 most important people in her life.


Custom Watercolor Portraits

Custom watercolor family portrait, 20+, Etsy

When it comes to family portraits, they usually tend to be more awkward than awesome. But the custom watercolors by Blue J Ink are definitely an exception to that rule.

You send the artist as many photos as you want, and she uses them as inspiration to draw and paint your family.


Personalized Note Cards

Personalized Notecards, $12 for 15, Etsy

Is there anything sweeter (or more worthy of saving) than a note from mom?

To encourage your mom to put pen to paper, give her some personalized notecards, like these lovely watercolor ones from DPI Expressions.


Personalized Heart Locket

Personalized Heart Locket, $36+, Etsy

Lockets are one of those pieces of jewelry that you cherish for a lifetime. I love this one from Silk Purse Cows Ears because it uses a special design technique to transfer your personal photographs onto the metal of the pendant itself, creating a cool, vintage-y look.


Personalized Wine Glass

Colossal Wine Glass, $25, Personal Creations

If your mom loves here wine time, then this personalized oversized wine glass is just the thing. You know this is one gift she will most definitely use. Plus, she'll think of you (and your siblings) every time.


Long Distance Family Map

Long Distance Family map, $28+, Etsy

If you and your mom are separated by states, this customizable art print by Near and Dear Designs is just what you need to let her know you're thinking about her across the miles. The artist pulls in whatever two states you need.


Bespoke candle

Photo Candle, $40, Shutterfly

Is your mom a candle junkie? If so she'll adore an adorable candle that has a photo of her favorite grandkids on it. Choose from an array of scents — evergreen forest, fireside spice, garden bouquet, grapefruit blossom, ocean breeze, or unscented — one is sure to please. And once the candle has burned out, she can keep the glass jar to store pens or makeup brushes.


Photo Collage

Heart snapshot mix photo art, $101+, Minted

There's no possible way she won't cry when she unwraps this beautiful framed piece that includes a heart-shaped collage of cherished photos. The only downside is that it's a little too big to keep in her purse to tote around wherever she goes.


Photo Album

Photo Album, $69+, Artifact Uprising

There are so many beautifully bound photo album options from Artifact Uprising at an array of price points, you really can't go wrong. Make mom an album that she'll come back to again and again.


Pet Portrait

Custom pet portrait, $70, Etsy

Of course you can't forget about the mama whose favorite child, let's be honest, is the four-legged one that still lives at home. And don't worry, talented artist InkLaneDesign does cats, too.


Custom Necklace With Your Signature

Custom Necklace, $129, ACCENT

Accent takes your drawing or writing and using 3D print technology, transforms it into a metal-plated necklace (or anklet or bracelet). Mom will love having something you personally made for her on her at all times, and you can get as creative as you'd like (it can be someone's name, a special catchphrase you two share, or even a simple drawing).

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