13 Cute Preemie Onesies For Baby To Wear Home

Having a new baby has to be one of the best experiences to have. Many people spend months preparing for their coming bundle of joy by buying new clothes, diapers, bottles, shoes, and more. Though people do their best to get everything that could be need, there are some situations that you just can't get ready for. Having an unexpected preemie baby is one of them and, if that happens, all of your prior planning becomes slightly irrelevant. Because your baby can't fit any of the items your purchased before, preparing yourself with some cute preemie onesies is a good option.

In most cases, parents are not quite sure that they're baby will be born premature. Not only is it a health scare for the mother and the baby, it's also a situation where parents have to rush out and get more items that they weren't prepared to.

Although I have never had a preemie baby, for those mothers who have, knowing that there are some preemie onesies that you can dress your baby in will help take down the stress for one of the many things on your plate. If the clothing really isn't a stress, then just knowing that there will be some cute clothes around for your small one will bring a smile to your face.

Not sure where you can get some cute looks from? These 13 looks are a great place to start.


Pink Elephant Onesie

If you're looking for a cute set for your preemie baby girl, this pink elephant bodysuit and pants set ($22) will be just the right choice.


Polka Dot Fox Onesie

This adorable polka dot fox onesie ($8) is a comfortable and cozy look for your early arrived bundle of joy.


Tiny And Tough Onesie

Whether you have a little preemie boy or girl, this "Tiny and Tough" onesie ($16) will be the perfect display of their future strength.


She Is Fierce Onesie

Expecting a fierce little one to come? This "she is fierce" onesie ($20) will be the one for you.


Purrfect Mommy Onesie

This three-piece purrfect mommy onesie set ($11) is the cutest look for your pint-sized darling.


Sleep N' Play Onesie

Prefer to dress your preemie princess is an outfit that doesn't include print? This sleep n' play onesie ($11) is a better option for you.


Pretty Monkey Footie

There's nothing cuter than a onesie with little footies attached and this pretty monkey footie onesie ($16) is a great choice.


Little Monkey Footie

If you're looking for something more on the blue side, this little monkey footie onesie ($16) will be the right fit for your preemie.


Baby Claire Anne Sweet-Tee Onesie

Want to step your onesie game up to the next level? This baby Claire Anne sweet-tee onesie ($16) is guaranteed to do that.


Little Star

This little star onesie ($10) is the cutest neutral gender onesie for your little preemie.


Finn + Emma Organic Onesie

If you're a lover of everything organic, this organic preemie Finn + Emma onesie ($25) is the perfect pic for you.