13 Cute Rib Tattoos To Inspire Your Next Piece Of Ink

Tattoos have been around for centuries. From the deeply sacred traditions of Samoan men bearing the symbols of and heritage to the rite of passage shared by many American soldiers, ink can be much more than skin deep. For many people, however, tattoos can be a way to express creativity, highlight an aspect of their identity, or just give them the power to feel comfortable in their own body. And some choose to ink their torso because it can stay personal and hidden if they want. Plus, there's plenty of inspiration for amazing rib tattoos.

If you've never thought of getting any ink done in that area, or you have considered it but just aren't sure what to get, there are tons of options to choose from. You can get something tiny and simple or you might even feel the urge to go big with a colorful statement piece. And isn't that the beauty of tattoos after all? You can pick whatever you want to express yourself, because at the end of the day, it's your body and your canvas. Still feeling a bit curious? Then check out some of these super cute and creative rib tattoos from Instagram users! Warning: you may immediately want to get your torso inked after seeing these!


Embrace Your Inner Nerd

This Star Wars quote tattoo done by KevinHennesseyTattoo is a genius way to show your geeky side. You can't go wrong with Master Yoda.


Hear The Ocean Calling

If you live and breath for salt water, why not replicate LittleTattooLove's design of seashells, waves, and anchors so you can take the waters with you no matter where you go?


Flaunt Your Pet Parent Pride

This adorable little rat is the cherished pet of AmeliaIsGinge and couldn't be cuter if she tried. What a great way to show off the special love you have for your furry friend?


Show Your Strength

When ajanaelantigua wanted a way to express her courage to follow her dreams, never give up, and make a lasting impact on the world, she got this incredible combo piece from artist DaveIsntFunny to show herself and others just how strong she really is.


Display City Pride

Everyone thinks that their town is the best. What better way to show yours really is number one than to get the flag of your favorite city like moira_mctaggert did with the Chicago flag?


Meditate On It

Tattoos can do more than just inspire you or show people what you care about. Ink can also be a call for calmness. Just looking at this beautiful lotus flower by MermaidIncTattoo has me feeling zen already.


Feel Foxy

Who says animals can only be cute? They can be downright foxy, too! MissRedFox_'s little vixen tat has the perfect mix of sexiness and sophistication.


Shape It Up

If you love the idea of a landscape style tattoo, but don't want to take up so much space on your skin, then this tat by AdoredAlisha is a great idea. The small triangle shape gives unique definition plus a peek at some lovely scenery.


Fly Away

This beautifully colored hummingbird tattoo by lala_inky will send your spirit soaring with its carefree and whimsical vibe.


Keep It Micro

It's amazing how a tiny tattoo can still make such an impact. This cute mini rocket by hellotako shows how linework can be magical.


Carry Memories

Whether it's your home state, where you went to college, or just somewhere that holds a special place in your heart and mind, a simple state outline, like this California ink from beauty_by_mp, is a wonderful way to keep the memories with you.


Explore & Adore

It doesn't matter how many miles you've actually logged. All that counts is if your heart beats a little faster when you think about exploring this beautiful planet, like the one pictured above by jlopeztattoos.


Share Words Of Wisdom

Got a favorite quote? Carry it with you wherever you go by inking it on your body.