13 Cutest Halloween Costumes From PetSmart For Dogs, Guinea Pigs, & More

by Lindsay E. Mack

With Halloween well on its way, costume shopping is becoming a top priority for plenty of kids and adults alike. And for many families, even pets get to play dress-up as well. Really, as the cutest Halloween costumes from PetSmart will prove, pets can wear costumes better than just about anybody. Nothing would win a costume contest faster than a guinea pig dressed up as a bumblebee.

Also, PetSmart has a lot of costume options available this year. If you're into superheroes, Star Wars, or more classic getups, there's a costume for every interest and every pet. Whether you hang out with a giant dog or a tiny bunny rabbit, there's a costume for your pet, and it's basically guaranteed to be adorable.

And as it turns out, Halloween pet costumes are wildly popular. Around 16 percent of consumers dress their pets in Halloween costumes, according to the most recent survey from the National Retail Federation. With more and more families getting in on the pet dress-up fun, there are more costuming options now than ever before. Read on to find the perfect costume for your perfect pet, and get ready for some of the best Halloween costume photos you've ever taken.


DC Comics™ Wonderwoman Dress Pet Costume


Taco Pet Costume