13 Cutest Halloween 2018 Costumes From PetSmart For Dogs, Guinea Pigs, & Everything In Between


With Halloween well on its way, costume shopping is becoming a top priority for plenty of kids and adults alike. And for many families, even pets get to play dress-up as well. Really, as the cutest Halloween costumes from PetSmart will prove, pets can wear costumes better than just about anybody. Nothing would win a costume contest faster than a guinea pig dressed up as a bumblebee.

Also, PetSmart has a lot of costume options available this year. If you're into superheroes, Star Wars, or more classic getups, there's a costume for every interest and every pet. Whether you hang out with a giant dog or a tiny bunny rabbit, there's a costume for your pet, and it's basically guaranteed to be adorable.

And as it turns out, Halloween pet costumes are wildly popular. Around 16 percent of consumers dress their pets in Halloween costumes, according to the most recent survey from the National Retail Federation. With more and more families getting in on the pet dress-up fun, there are more costuming options now than ever before. Read on to find the perfect costume for your perfect pet, and get ready for some of the best Halloween costume photos you've ever taken.

1Mermaid Pet Costume

Thrills & Chills™ Halloween Mermaid Pet Costume


Now your canine friend can turn into a magical mermaid for Halloween. This colorful, sparkly costume is perfect for any undersea adventures, as well as a loop around the neighborhood for trick-or-treating.

2Bumblebee Small Pet Costume

Thrills & Chills™ Bumblebee Small Pet Costume


Halloween costumes aren't just for dogs and cats. Even tiny pets can get in on the action with itty-bitty costumes. Plus, dressing your guinea pig up as a bumblebee results in some brain-meltingly cute photo ops.

3DC Comics™ Wonderwoman Dress Pet Costume

DC Comics™ Wonderwoman Dress Pet Costume


Superheroes are a classic costume choice. Now your doggie can dress up as Wonderwoman herself in this fabulous and colorful outfit.

4Taco Pet Costume

Pet Costume


Now you can have a real-life taco cat or taco dog at your Halloween party. Just look at the shredded lettuce and other fillings in this detailed costume.

5Skunk Pet Costume

Thrills & Chills™ Halloween Skunk Pet Costume


What's more fun than dressing your pet up as another animal entirely? This costume will turn your beloved dog or cat into a real stinker.

6Spider-Man Costume

Marvel™ Comics Spider-Man Pet Costume


Seriously, PetSmart is bringing it with the superhero costumes this year. This getup will turn your dog into the amazing Spider-Man.

7Ewok Costume

Star Wars™ Ewok™ Halloween Pet Costume


Is your pet *really* from a galaxy far, far away? Then this Ewok costume is perfect.

8Sushi Costume

Thrills & Chills™ Halloween Sushi Pet Costume


OK, how adorable is this sushi costume for dogs? There's even a little side of pickled ginger and wasabi on top.

9Dinosaur Pet Costume

Thrills & Chills™ Halloween Dinosaur Pet Costume


Make your Halloween festivities positively prehistoric with this ferocious costume. Just look at those teeth.

10Batman Pet Costume

DC Comics™ Batman Pet Costume


Could there be a more perfect costume for your dog? The family pet is a Batdog on Halloween night this year.

11Ladybug Costume

Hip Doggie Lady Bug Dog Sweater


Made from a super-soft chenille, this lady bug sweater is cute and functional. There are even little antennae in the hood.

12Lion Costume

Rubie's Pet Shop Boutique® Halloween Lion Mane Pet Costume


Why not turn your dog into a lion for Halloween? Depending on the size of your pup, this could be a somewhat convincing costume.

13Pirate Small Pet Costume

Thrills & Chills™ Pirate Small Pet Costume


If you have a rabbit, guinea pig, ferret, or other small pet in your home this Halloween, then get ready to pick out a costume for them. PetSmart has tons of options for the littlest pets out there, including this adorable pirate getup. Whatever costume option you choose, hopefully you and your family will have the best Halloween yet this year.