13 Dog Names For Babies, Because Seriously Puppies & Kids Are Basically The Same

When my cousin was about five months pregnant, she stopped over to meet my new baby girl and brought me provisions that would have made any ravenous breastfeeding mama gleeful. She also visited with my cats because, well, you really can't sit on our couch without giving at least one of them a belly rub. All of our cats have great names that could also double as human ones, just like many of the best dog names are also good for babies. But my cousin commented on how she particularly loved Simon. Four months later, her Simon was born and she texted, "I told you I loved your cat's names" with a winking face and picture of her gorgeous boy.

If you're stuck on a name for your soon-to-be bundle of joy, then don't be afraid to poke around name lists specified for cats and dogs, or simply visit a pet-loving friend and get the feel for the personality of their furry Mia or Max. After all, it has been my experience that on some of my worst days I prefer my feline family members over any singular human being — and I make no apologies for that. So why wouldn't you want to name your kid after an awesome furry friend?

1. Clifford


You might only associate the name with the Big Red Dog, but Clifford can also make a stellar name for your soon-to-arrive bundle of joy.

2. Bella


Bella is a top name for pooches, but it's also a pretty popular name for humans. Meaning "beautiful," the name can be short for Isabella or Arabella.

3. Marley


No matter whether you hear "Marley" and think Bob or you picture the lovable yellow Labrador Retriever from the book Marley & Me, the name is popular with both girl and boy humans, too. The name means "pleasant seaside meadow," according to NameBerry.

4. Lucy


Lucy is popular amongst the canine crowd, but it's also a fun name for name for spunky little ones given that it means "light." Plus, if you're a fan of a particular famous redhead, then you'll understand why it made the list.

5. Mia


Mia is ranked number 6 in popularity on Nameberry, but it's also a popular name for dogs.

6. Oscar


This might be a popular dog name, but the one and only Oscar in my life is my nephew. And if he's any measure of how cool Oscars are, well, then you're all set with this choice.

7. Max


Like a few names on this list, this popular dog name doubles as a boy or girl name for baby humans. And with a meaning like "greatest," how can you go wrong?

8. Rosie


After my daughter was born, we took a mommy and me yoga class where we met a Rosie and I fell in love with her name. Turns out, it's also a popular name for dogs, too.

9. Sadie


With a meaning like "princess," Sadie is a perfect name for your little girl, whether she's blood-related or a furball.

10. Stella


One of your favorite movie scenes might be when Stanley desperately yells for Stella in A Streetcar Named Desire. Or maybe you have fallen in love with the French Bulldog named Stella on Modern Family. Either way, this one should earn a spot on your baby name list. Plus, Stella means "star," which is just super cool.

11. Charlie


Oh, how I love the name Charlie for a boy or girl. When I was a nanny in NYC, one of the kid's names was Charlie and I adored him. If cute-as-hell dimples and chubby cheeks are your thing, then this name will be too.

12. Sophie


When I saw this one on the Today Show's list of Top 10 Female Dog Names, I had to include it. One of my daughter's favorite friends is named Sophie and she is the sweetest thing ever. So, I say whether your child is furry or human, this one's a win.

13. Cooper


Our cat is named Cooper, but the Today Show noted it's also on the list for Top 10 Male Dog Names as well. Our feline family member can be a bit ornery, but he's also a love bug, so I would say this name would suit a colorful kiddo.

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