13 Easy Family Group Halloween Costume Ideas

It's not uncommon to see parents carting their kids around on Halloween, but if they're not dressed up too it's not nearly as fun. October 31 is the perfect night for everyone in the family to channel their inner child — regardless of their age — and get dressed up for the occasion. There are endless possibilities for easy family group Halloween costume ideas that will include everyone and take the night of fright and festive-ness to a whole new level.

Although the thought of crafting (or even buying) costumes for your whole family can be a big daunting, especially if you have more than on kid, choosing to create your own costumes is actually easier than you'd imagine. Most of the pieces can be found at thrift stores for very cheap, or made using simple craft supplies you might already have on hand.

No matter what your family's style is, theres a group costume that will fit all of your personalities perfectly. From literary, to pop culture inspired, to classic Halloween favorites, choosing a costume that will allow you all to dress up as family will ensure that this Halloween is one you'll always remember. No matter who gets the most candy.


Rag Doll Family Costumes

If it's just you and your little girl, this would be the perfect pairing. Re-creating this DIY rag doll costume from A Beautiful Mess could even work for a little boy or multiple rag dolls. All you need is some red yarn, some cute dresses, and a bit of make-up.


Family Of Cave People

Let your primitive side loose with this easy DIY caveman family costume tutorial from Andrea's Notebook.


'Peter Pan' Family Costume

With a huge cast of characters to choose from — Peter Pan, the lost boys, Captain Hook, Wendy and the boys — it's no surprise that Peter Pan is a popular choice for family costumes. Use this tutorial for Peter Pan and the Lost Boys costumes from A Beautiful Mess to create it for your family.


'Pinocchio' Family Costume

A Beautiful Mess has done it again with this DIY Pinocchio family costume. It's fairly simple to recreate and can be made with items you have around the house or easily found at thrift stores.


'The Incredibles'


Recreating a super hero family is the perfect way to have a character for everyone in the family. For The Incredibles, all you'd need are some red tops ($8) and bottoms ($12) for everyone, some DIY letter "I" signs, and maybe some black underwear ($10) over the top to complete the look.


'Alice In Wonderland' Costume

Another classic with a huge cast of characters, Alice's Adventures In Wonderland is the perfect muse for your Halloween adventures. From Alice herself to the Mad Hatter to the Queen of Hearts, there's a character for everyone in your family. Use this great tutorial from Coolest Handmade Costumes to create costumes for your whole family.


Family Of Pitrates Costume

Pirates are a Halloween classic, so why not get the whole family involved? Use this tutorial from Handmade Charlotte to make hats and swords for the kids.


'The Wizard Of Oz'

From Dorothy, the Straw Man, the Tin Man, Toto, the cowardly lion, and Glinda the good witch, there's a character for each member of your family from this classic story. Use this tutorial from Care to create The Wizard of Oz costumes for everyone.


Family Of Bank Robbers

Turning your family into a ring of bank robbers is super simple (and hilarious) family costume anyone can pull off. All you'll need are some black and white striped shirts ($16), black pants ($11), and a black beanie ($3) and maybe some felt masks that can be easily made with some felt, string and a pair of scissors.


Ghostbusters And A Tiny Ghost

Columbia Pictures

All you need are white shirts ($5), backpacks ($34), the logo (printed off from the interweb,) and a tiny ghost costume ($20) to pull this one off.


'101 Dalmations' Family Costume

This tutorial from Our Everyday Art is perfect for recreating the 101 Dalmations for your own family.


'Despicable Me' Family Costume

Universal Pictures

Turn your little's into minions and let the adults take the supporting roles using this tutorial from Julie Olsen.


'The Avengers'

Join in the Avengers craze by dressing each member of the family up like a different super hero. T-shirts can be easily purchased, or make your own with a little bit of fabric paint. Captain America's shield is easy to make with some cardboard and paint and you can even DIY Iron Man's mask using the same technique.