13 Easy Halloween Costumes For Couples

Sure, sometimes it's fun to go all-out for Halloween with elaborate, Hollywood-worthy costumes. And other times, you just want to throw together a cute and clever costume without a ton of effort. This goes double when you're looking to pair up a couple's costume. Fortunately, there are some easy Halloween costumes for couples that you and your boo can whip up in no time.

Whether you want to draw inspiration from pop culture, TV shows, or movies, there are plenty of costumes that won't take professional tailoring skills or tons of time to create. Even better, you can consider these ideas as a starting point and add your own creative flair — this holiday is all about imagination, after all. Or, at the very least, making the best of what's already in your closets.

Whatever costumes you and your SO go with, you can get ready for the Halloween party or night of trick-or-treating in no time. I mean, couple costumes are inherently adorable, so you don't have to try too hard to make a great impact. Plus, these easy costumes give you the time and resources you need to focus on what's really important this holiday season: the candy.


Archer & Lana

If you'd like to take your holiday into the danger zone, why not dress up as Archer and Lana? They're both funny, fierce, and dead sexy.


For Archer, you'll need a sharp suit ($71) to look polished all night.


Lana's getup calls for a sweater dress ($32) that you can accessorize with a big belt. Then add some over-the-knee boots ($35). You and your partner can carry around drink glasses all night for maximum effect.


Barista & PSL

This costume duo is anything but basic, and there are a bunch of ways to customize it for your own tastes. But don't blame me if you want a pumpkin spice latte for the rest of the night.

Barista Apron

Partner one starts with a green apron ($3). You can add a mermaid logo (or your own variation of it) to the center. This can be designed on a scrap piece of fabric or straight-up printed from your computer if you're in a hurry. To really commit, carry around a bunch of coffee cups all night.


Partner two begins with a basic beige dress ($12). Then stick a larger version of your logo to the center of it. Again, a printed-out paper logo is fine. This is all about keeping things easy. Throw on some pumpkin earrings ($18) or other accessories to really drive the point home. Voila! You and your SO are ready to go.


Yin & Yang

If you're really pressed for time, then you can probably throw together this look from things you already have in your closet. And it fits in with the whole '90s revival going on.


A black dress ($80) and white necklace ($11) set your tone.


A white top ($10) and pants ($11), when coupled with a black necklace ($7) or scarf, are all you need.


Piper & Alex

The best part of this costume is the fact that you can basically dress as twinsies all night.

You and your SO will just need a long-sleeved shirt ($6) and a beige scrub set ($9). You are good to go!


Waldo & Wenda

Who doesn't love Waldo? This is another fun double costume.

For both Waldo and Wenda, you will only need a red-and-white striped shirt ($12), round black glasses ($10), and striped knit cap ($10). You can just throw this over some jeans and you're all set.


Summer Camp Counselors

Keep the summer spirit going well into autumn. If you and your SO haven't stowed away all of your warm-weather clothes, than you can put them to good use now.

This is another costume where you and your SO can double up on one fantastic look. You'll need a bold polo shirt ($14), khaki shorts ($11), and tube socks ($7). Throw in a whistle ($5) for extra credit.


Judy & Nick

Have you watched Zootopia more than a few times? You're not alone. Why not go as Judy and Nick this year?


For an easy version of Judy, you'll need a long-sleeved blue top ($9), dark blue vest ($9), and rabbit ears ($2).


And for Nick, you can put together a light green button-down ($15), striped navy tie ($22), and some fox ears ($7).


King & Queen Of Hearts

OK, so you could pick any suit you like, but hearts are appropriate for most any couple. This is veering dangerously into the cheesy category, but sometimes it's fun to embrace the silliness.

Queen Of Hearts

You'll need a red and white shirt with hearts ($30), and of course a crown ($22).

King Of Hearts

Likewise, the king will need a red or white heart shirt ($20) and a crown ($7). Carry around some playing cards for added fun.


Bob & Linda Belcher

So you should only choose this costume pair if you want to be the most awesome people at your entire Halloween party. Bonus points if you spend the whole night making silly burger puns.


Bob's getup is pretty simple. You can throw on a grey tee ($1), white apron ($6), and a mustache ($5). For added realism, carry a plated burger around.


Linda's classic look calls for a red top ($12), apron ($1), and bright red glasses ($8). Now you're all set.


Birds & Bees

Why not go super literal? It's G-rated enough to pass for most Halloween parties, but still clever and fun.


You probably have a shirt with a bird ($30) on it. Add a boa ($5) for fun and a few extra feathers.


A black-and-yellow striped top ($19) is all you need. Or, if you're really strapped for time, a yellow top and some electrical tape.


Blair & Chuck

Get ready to party like it's 2007. Blair has a lot of copy-worthy looks, of course, but as long as you have a headband, you're all set.


First, you'll need a basic white shirt ($8) and a blue skirt ($18). Throw on some knee socks ($14) and the all-important headband ($7) and you're all set.


Pull out the best suit ($110) you've got (or something passable picked up from a thrift store). Affect an attitude of superiority all evening. You're golden.


Dracula & Mina

OK, so this one can be as elaborate — or as simple — as you please. Just use whatever formal wear you have and go from there. A broody mood is also helpful.


First, the basics: start with a black shirt ($15) and dress pants. Even if you don't have a cape handy, you can accessorize with some antique-looking jewelry ($17) to get the point across.


That red velvet dress ($90) you bought a couple of years ago? Bust it out tonight, sister. Add that choker necklace ($24), and you have a perfect costume.


Stars & Stripes

Yes, this is another of those ideas you can pull together even after the costume store has closed. Plus it can add a nice little dash of patriotism to Halloween, and who expects that?

Stars Top

You can start with a starry shirt ($35). Or, at the very least, a red, white, or blue shirt with some sweet star accessories, like a star necklace ($19).


A simple striped shirt ($8) is enough to make the point. But if you pair it with striped pants ($19), then it's just that much better. Subtlety is not the goal.