13 Fashion Tips For People Who Sweat A Lot

Growing up in Florida, every day was a day filled with sweat. Regardless of what season it technically was, it felt like summer in central Florida almost every day of the year. With that in mind, knowing exactly what to wear in order to look your best throughout the day was probably the most important thing that you could know. You weren't just able to wear whatever you wanted because you'd run the risk of having sweat stains everywhere. That's why knowing a few fashion tips for people who sweat a lot was super important.

Even if you technically aren't a person who sweats a lot, having sweat issues will plague every person at some point. Though I'm not someone who sweats a whole lot, living in the south has caused me to be very careful and selective when I decide to go out during the daytime and even during some nights.

There's really nothing worse than posing for a picture and having sweat stains in the most embarrassing places. Taking note of what to wear to avoid that those forsaken mishaps will save you from hitting the untag button 10 times on Facebook after having a sweat attack at an event.

Not sure what to do? These 13 tips will help you out.


Wear Darker Colors

Huffington Post wrote that wearing darker colors like navy or black will help with concealing sweat.


Wear Tops With Low Arm Holes

If persistent sweat is something you're accustomed to, wearing shirts with lower arm holes, like this drop armhole tank by Ivy Park ($25), will help keep the sweat from building up under your armpits.

Ivy Park Drop Armhole Tank, $25, TopShop


Stick To Cotton

Huffington Post wrote that wearing neutral fabrics like cotton or linen will absorb and release moisture or sweat. This cotton ruffle dress ($35) from is a good choice.

Kyra Ruffle Dress, $35, Boohoo


Wear Printed Clothes

According to Complex, fabrics with prints or patterns hide sweat stain easily. A good excuse to bust out the florals, no?


Don't Wear Silk

In the same article, Huffington Post noted that fabrics like silk and satin are poor choices because they will only exaggerate sweat stains. If either fabric is what you desire though, wearing Boohoo's cute satin cap sleeve shift dress ($35) will do it for you.

Gracie Satin Cap Sleeve Dress, $35, Boohoo


Pack An Extra Change Of Clothes

If you're prone to sweating a lot, packing a change of clothes to stay fresh is a great idea.


Ditch The Backpack

According to Bustle, backpacks will trap in heat and weigh you down. Plus, strap-related sweat lines are not cute.


Wear Your Blazers Or Jackets Over Your Shoulders

If excessive sweat is something that you're prone to, then seeing your sweat seep through your blazer or jacket is nothing new. To avoid that, try draping either over your shoulders instead of wearing it full on.


Avoid Hats

Though wearing hats can be super cute, Bustle suggested you avoid the accessory because hats keep your head warm and bringing excess seat.


Lose The Super Tight Clothing

Cosmopolitan wrote that the less fabric you have touching your body, the cooler you'll be.


Avoid Plastic Shoes

Bustle noted that wearing plastic shoes should be avoided in order to keep your feet feeling fresh.


Invest In Sweat Guards

Investing in sweat shields such as the Hollywood fashion secrets garment shields ($8) will help keep your sweat stains from appearing.

Hollywood Fashion Secrets Garment Shields, $8, Target


Keep Your Jewelry Light

According to Cosmopolitan, wearing as little jewelry as possible will help keep you cool because it's not trapping the heat on your body.