13 Fast Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together With Things You Already Own

Staying on budget every month is a task that I try to accomplish. But with Halloween right around the corner, it's a little more difficult because of all of the cool costumes that are up for grabs. Sure having a DIY costume saves you a little money, but if you're really creative, those can get pretty expensive too. That's why it helps to have ideas for some fast Halloween costumes you can put together with things you already own.

Being that I'm always a last-minute person when it comes to my Halloween costume choices, I'm usually left pulling from my imagination to make something amazing happen. By doing that, my imagination usually leads me right to my closet to see what can be created from there. Not only does it save me a heck of a lot of money, it also gives me some cool ideas for outfits that I can totally wear later on down the line.

So, if Halloween got here a little too quickly for you or if you're tapped out on cash, try pulling from your own rack of clothes to make this year's Halloween costume. Not sure what you can possibly create? These 13 costume options will help push you in the right direction.


Movie Theater Floor

Keep those empty candy boxes, popcorn wrappers, and soda bottles because you'll definitely need them for this costume. All you need to do is throw on a black sweater and glue or tape each piece of trash to it. You can even put some of the leftover popcorn pieces on there, too.


'80s Workout Partners

Take a pair of tights and an oversized sweater (or leotard if you have one) and turn into an '80s workout girl this Halloween. Add in the high socks, heavy makeup, and heavily sprayed hair, and you've really nailed the look.



If you have a pair of overalls handy, put them together with an old beach hat and a flannel shirt to become the coolest scarecrow this year. Be sure to paint your face up real nice and grab some sort of hay looking prop on your way out.


'90s Girl

Taking it back to the '90s will be easy this year because chances are, you have everything you need in your closet. Try pairing a pair of oversized jeans or overalls, a tank top and a large flannel shirt.


Rosie The Riveter

The only thing you'll need for this super easy outfit is an all denim outfit. Be sure to tie your red bandana on, too.


Sandy From 'Grease'

If you have a pair of black jeans, a black shirt, and a black jacket, you're well on your way to nailing this throwback look. Be sure to paint your nails red, throw on some red lipstick, and slide on some red shoes.



Grab a white pillowcase and cut holes for your arms and head. Throw some brown or green strips of construction paper in the bottom (or real sticks and leaves) to be your teabag ingredients. You can also cut a piece of yarn to stick from your head as the string and put Lipton logos at the end of it.


Dirty Laundry

The only thing you'll need for this easy to create costume is a regular outfit with dryer sheets stuck to them.


Men In Black

Nothing is easier than transforming into a character from Men in Black. Just grab an all black suit and white button up to do so. Be sure to add your black shades and grab a silver pen, too.


Flight Attendant

If you've ever thought about being a flight attendant, you can practice your skills this Halloween. All you'll need are a pencil skirt, a white button up, some black flats or heels, and a multi-color ascot or scarf to tie around your neck. Be sure to add your red lipstick, too.


Wind-Up Doll

Finish your last roll of toilet paper? Don't throw the roll away yet. Create the key to your back with the towel roll and some construction paper. After that, put on a regular outfit and stick — or tie — the key on.



Throw on a pair of jeans or shorts, high socks, and a shirt to nail this look for Halloween. If you have a pair of glasses lying around and don't mind a few red market dots in your face to serve as acne, you can really take this to the next level.


Mary Poppins

All you'll need out of your closet for this historic costume is a black skirt, white blouse, and black jacket or grey blazer. If you don't have a small red bowtie, you can make one out of any ribbon you have laying around the house. Don't leave out the small bag and trademark umbrella.