13 Father's Day Gifts To Dad, From Baby

Father's Day is meant to be a day for kids to show their dads some extra love and appreciation, but what if your baby is too young to show their affection? Even though your little one won't be able to pick out their own gifts to give to dad on Father's Day, it doesn't mean that they can't "pick out" the perfect gift via your own impeccable taste. It turns out that there are plenty of Father's Day gifts for baby to give Dad (ie. you give Dad with baby's name signed on the wrapping paper,) that he will love regardless of who chose it.

Even though these gifts aren't hand-picked by your baby, they're all designed to be "from" baby, making them even more sentimental. Whether your partner has a sense of humor, a soft side, a love for the outdoors, or a passion for music, there's a gift for him on this list. Best of all, they all have an aspect of personalization that make them unique to your baby or to their dad's hobby of choice. These gifts move beyond a typical cheesy Father's Day card and are sure to be a gift he'll love for years to come, even when your child is old enough to pick out gifts on their own.


Personalized Story Book

My Dad Loves Me, $35, Put Me in the Story

It's no secret that reading out loud is one of the easiest ways for parents to bond with their baby. If your baby could talk, they'd definitely choose a book like My Dad Loves Me by Marianne Richmond with their name written into the story to make it all the more special.


Dad Mug And Baby Cup Set

Dad Mug and Baby Cup Set, $25, Hallmark

Start the daddy-baby matching obsession early with this adorable (and useful) cup and mug set.


"I Love You Daddy" Footprint Art

"I Love You Daddy" Framed Footprint Art, $18, Etsy

There's nothing sweeter than a work of art made from your baby's actual footprints. This "I Love You Daddy" framed photo takes your little one's feet and turns them into a sentimental gift he'll cherish forever.


Matching T-Shirts

Father Son Matching T-Shirts, $30, Etsy

Although there's no shortage of cute matching father-baby T-shirts, these ones are perfect for the Top Gun fan (and fan-to-be.)


Personalized Fishing Lure

Personalized Fishing Lure, $10, Personalization Mall

For the dad who loves the great outdoors, this personalized fishing lure from his little one would make the perfect gift to take out on his next adventure or to display.


"I Heart Daddy" Photo Collage

I Heart Daddy Photo Collage, $30, Personal Creations

The phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words" is even more true once you become a parent. This personalized "I Heart Dadddy" photo collage is the perfect gift that will inspire sweet memories for years to come.


Downloadable "Best Daddy Ever" Handprint Art

Downloadable DIY Handprint Art, $6, Etsy

The best gifts are handmade and this printable Father's Day gift takes the hard work out of it for you and your baby. Simply put the handprints on the paper, frame it, and gift it.


First Hero Personalized Keychain

First Hero Personalized Keychain, $30, Etsy

This personalized "First Hero" keychain is the perfect reminder of a father's impact on their child that they can take with them wherever they go.


"We Flippin Love You" Personalized Spatula

Personalized Spatula, $20, Etsy

For the dad who likes to cookout, this personalized spatula makes the perfect gift that's sure to make him smile with each burger flip.


Personalized Pocket Knife

Personalized Pocket Knife, $25, For All Gifts

Although baby should definitely not handle this gift, a personalized pocket knife is a great Father's Day gift that he's sure to love.


Hand Stamped Guitar Pick

Hand Stamped Guitar Pick, $24, Etsy

If Dad is a musician, baby will give him a gift he'll love and actually use with these hand stamped guitar picks.


Dad Joke Mug

Dad Joke Mug, $13, Etsy

What baby wouldn't want to get their dad started on the "dad joke" craze early? These hilariously awful coffee mugs are perfect for the dad with a sense of humor.


Daddy-To-Be Picture Frame

Daddy-To-Be Picture Frame, $23, Etsy

Father's Day is still a special day even if you've yet to meet your little one. Your baby can send daddy some extra love on his first Father's Day with this personalized ultrasound picture frame.