13 Father's Day 2018 Gifts For The New Dad Who's He's Adjusting To A Lot Of Changes This Year


If you know someone who's celebrating his first official Father's Day this year, then you know his life is probably a little different these days. Actually, it's very different. After all, the old adage about babies changing everything is so true. But these Father's Day 2018 gifts for the new dad let him know that you have his back with this whole baby business. He's doing a great job.

Because even the most well-prepared parent has to deal with some surprises from the baby (as well as the inevitable sleeplessness) these gifts will help him power through. Whether he needs to caffeinate, rest his eyes, or tote the baby for a long time, there's something on the list to make those moments a little easier. Hey, what new parent doesn't need a little support from their nearest and dearest? It's a hard job.

Of course, it's probably a treat for you to see just how positively the new baby has changed your man's life as well. He's probably so proud of this new little person in his world, and so smitten with the baby's every move, that it's a delight to spend time with the new duo. So help him celebrate his new identity as a dad this year with a stellar gift that he'll be sure to appreciate.

1A Spill-Proof Coffee Mug


When was the last time your new dad enjoyed a whole cup of coffee before it got cold? This stainless steel mug is vacuum insulated to keep his coffee hot for up to 7 hours. Plus, it's leak and spill proof (unlike new babies).

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2A Restful Eye Mask

Bed Bath & Beyond

People joke about new parents not getting enough sleep all the time, but it's a real struggle, especially during those first few weeks. Help you new dad enjoy at least a little rest with this sleep mask. It's especially crucial for those quick afternoon naps when the baby is sleeping.

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3A Silly Dad Shirt


If the new dad is a fan of funny tees, then get him one that reflects this major life change. There's a ton of silly dad t-shirts available, and this simple "cool dad" one is pretty fun.

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4Some Handy Headphones


This wireless, over-ear headset is probably less likely to get snatched away by the baby than the average pair of earbuds. And because they aren't noise cancellation headphones, he'll still be able to hear the little one when she cries.

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5A Cozy Robe


If he's getting up at night to check on the baby, he deserves to be comfy. This cotton bathrobe will make those nightly baby chores a little more pleasant.

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6A Cool Camera Phone Kit


This set gives your phone camera a wide angle, macro, and fish eye lens. It's the perfect thing to spruce up those zillions of baby photos he's taking. Plus, few things are funnier than your kid's face in a fish eye lens. It never gets old.

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7Some Matching Bowties

Buy Buy Baby

As far as adorable gifts are concerned, this one is difficult to top. The new dad and his baby can sport matching neckties for any occasion, even if they're just chilling together in the living room.

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8A Good Book

Barnes & Noble

Give the gift of bonding time with a great read. This book, featuring the famously hungry caterpillar, has a lovely message about father-child relationships. Plus, the illustrations are sure to delight anyone who reads it.

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9Some Comfy Shoes

Rainbow Sandals

Whether he's doing laps with the stroller or carrying the little one all around the house, a new dad spends a lot of time on his feet. Help him make the journey more comfortable with some cushiony flip flops. They're shoes you can slip on anytime, even when your hands are occupied with a baby.

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10A Funny Prop

Uncommon Goods

Hey, it's easy to get desperate when you've tried everything to help your baby get over a bad mood. This goofy prop just might make the little one smile.

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11A Super-Long Phone Charger


Because nothing is worse than losing all your phone battery when the baby is sleeping on you, this charger can seriously help out.

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Oh, and there's a 10 foot micro USB charger for Android and other phone fans as well. Everyone can enjoy the use of a longer charger.

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12A Playful Key Holder


OK, so your new dad will probably have to wait a little while before the baby is officially old enough to play LEGOs with him. In the meantime, this fun keychain rack can help the new dad stay organized.

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13Button Down Shirt


Because dads love skin-to-skin, too, a button-down shirt is a great piece of clothing that will allow them to cuddle with their newborn whenever, wherever without ripping off their whole shirt. Oh, and they can absolutely keep it in their closet well after the baby stage.

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