13 Father's Day Gifts For New Dads That Are Funny, Practical, & Sweet

If you know someone who's celebrating his first official Father's Day this year, then you know his life is probably a little different these days. Actually, it's very different. After all, the old adage about babies changing everything is so true. But these Father's Day 2018 gifts for the new dad let him know that you have his back with this whole baby business. He's doing a great job.

Because even the most well-prepared parent has to deal with some surprises from the baby (as well as the inevitable sleeplessness) these gifts will help him power through. Whether he needs to caffeinate, rest his eyes, or tote the baby for a long time, there's something on the list to make those moments a little easier. Hey, what new parent doesn't need a little support from their nearest and dearest? It's a hard job.

Of course, it's probably a treat for you to see just how positively the new baby has changed your man's life as well. He's probably so proud of this new little person in his world, and so smitten with the baby's every move, that it's a delight to spend time with the new duo. So help him celebrate his new identity as a dad this year with a stellar gift that he'll be sure to appreciate.


A Spill-Proof Coffee Mug


A Silly Dad Shirt


A Cool Camera Phone Kit


A Playful Key Holder