13 Father's Day Gifts For Dads Who Like To Cook


With every dad's favorite holiday coming up, the pressure is on to find Father's Day gifts for dads who like to cook. If you happen to have a partner who falls into that category, I'm a little bit jealous right now. OK, a lot jealous. I mean, that's amazing! Seriously, how did you score like that?

Most of the time, when the media pictures men cooking, it's in front of a grill or an open flame. That's kind of a ridiculous stereotype, though, because I know plenty of men who love to cook inside as well as outside. Not all men need to cook with slabs of meat and fire, am I right? And if that's the case with your partner, there are far more gift options to consider, come Father's Day. After all, there are only so many cedar planks and fancy tongs one can receive, without starting to get bored.

Your partner may not know he needs some of these amazing kitchen items, but once you take a look at them, you'll realize he does. There's something for every budget here, too, with a fantastic vegetable peeler for less than $10, and a seriously amazing chef's knife for more than $100. Take a look at these 13 Father's Day gifts for the dad who loves to cook.

1The Spiralizer


The spiralizer tri-blade vegetable slicer ($43) is a kitchen gadget that's enjoying the spotlight right now, as carb-avoiders everywhere are using them to create zoodles. But don't be fooled; they are great for making shoestring fries and getting your kids to finally eat their vegetables.

2Cast-Iron Skillet


Every good cook deserves an amazing cast-iron skillet. The Lodge cast-iron skillet ($28) is surprisingly easy to care for, and so multi-functional, your partner will be able to cook you all kinds of delicious meals.

3Chef's Knife


There is nothing that will convince you to chop vegetables more than a perfectly weighted, fine chef's knife. My husband and I actually received this Shun Classic 8-inch chef's knife ($140) as a gift almost 10 years ago, and it's still my favorite knife.

4Pressure Cooker


The Instant Pot pressure cooker ($120) is so much more than a pressure cooker, but that's what it's currently famous for. Think of pressure cooking as slow cooking for impatient people. It's great for tougher cuts of meat, as well as dried beans and stews. This particular brand also serves as a slow cooker and yogurt maker.

5Digital Kitchen Scale


You really have no idea how often you'll need a digital kitchen scale until you start looking at international recipes. Trust me, your partner will appreciate a high quality one, like the Ozeri kitchen and food scale ($14).

6Food Chopper


Sometimes, you just don't want to chop all of those onions. Or you want to make pesto. Large food processors are great but cumbersome, and the Chef'n VeggiChop food chopper ($20) takes their place without taking up the space.

7Microplane Zester


A great microplane zester, like the microplane 40020 classic zester ($13) is an absolute kitchen necessity, for the seasoned chef. Plus, you can use it to zest citrus and mince garlic.

8Pepper Mill


Nothing beats an old-fashioned wooden pepper mill, like the Olde Thompson walnut peppermill ($25). My partner's best friend got him one years ago, and it's still proudly displayed on our kitchen counter, despite the fact that he rarely cooks.

9Sea Salt


Different salts for different dishes? Absolutely. Casina Rossa's gourmet Sea salt gift pack($21) has truffle salt for popcorn, herb salt for sautéed vegetables, and I don't even know what else.

10High Quality Olive Oil


If you've never had high quality olive oil, like the Papa Vince olive oil ($35), you have no idea what you're missing. Your partner will go from cooking with it, to drizzling it on salads and cooked vegetables, and dipping bread in it.



I don't even want to tell you the number of shirts I've ruined around the torso area, because I haven't worn an apron. Trust me, your partner will appreciate this Chef Works' bib apron ($30).

12Vegetable & Julienne Peeler


If you don't have the space for  spiralizer, but still want your partner to start creating recipes that require one, this dual julienne & vegetable peeler ($9), is is a great alternative. Everyone needs a high quality peeler, and if you have one that can julienne as well? Score.

13Grilling Spices


This list would be remiss without something barbeque-related, so here's a set of grilling spices ($27) for every type of meat (or meat-substitute) that your partner can lay on the grill.