13 Father's Day Gifts For Nerdy Dads

I'll admit it, I have a fair amount of nerd blood running through my veins. I'll go so far as to say I think we all have a least a touch of nerdiness somewhere deep inside. And there's no shame in it either — just look around and you'll notice pop culture is exploding with nerd love. With this kind of abundance, it's safe to say some of you may be looking for the perfect gift for a nerd in your life. If so, good news! There are great Father's Day gifts for nerdy dads that are not only super fun, but also affordable and unique.

Nerdy dads come in all forms. You have your word nerd literary freaks; the ever-so-popular sci-fi nerds; math minded number nerds; and your master of all things nerd, nerd. But no matter which category your particular nerdy dad falls into, you are sure to find something that will knock his knee socks off this Father's Day. The best part is, you don't have to spend a fortune to give him something out of the ordinary. Any of the 13 gifts on this list are sure to make his nerd loving heart go pitter patter.


Radioactive Elements Glowing Coasters

Any proud nerd has a special place in their heart for the periodic table, and those little squares that represent the elements go into party mode with these radioactive elements glowing coaster set ($20).


Game Of Phones

Any lover of a good challenge will be down for this game. Using the special deck of cards, you and your pals can have a 2016 version of a scavenger hunt that only requires your smart phone. Surprise Dad with Games of Phones ($20) this Father's Day, and watch as his nerdy heart goes into overdrive.


Eye Glass Holder

What's a nerd to do when he needs a safe place to keep his glasses? Set them on a thumbs up eye glasses holder ($18), of course. This nifty sculpture also doubles as a paperweight or funky art piece.


Literary Scarf

Any book nerd will love this useful accessory with a nod to Edgar Allan Poe. Dad's neck will stay cozy with the Raven Nevermore scarf ($26) — and he'll look pretty cool as well.


DIY Lightbox

If the dad in your life is a movie nerd, he is going to have a blast making his custom signs with a DIY cinema lightbox ($50) that allows him to create his own marquees.


Historic Glassware

Your history nerd can raise a glass in style with a set of Bicentennial celebration glasses ($15). It's the perfect way to toast Father's Day.


Pac Man Suit

Please excuse me while I have a moment of silence for this amazing Pac Man suit ($102). This ensemble is sure to be the envy of all the other nerds (and non-nerds) at the next big event.


Tesla Watch

This is a timepiece is sure to go down as the most epic watch any dad will ever own. The Tesla watch ($70) can not only tell time, but make you travel through time. Well, not really, but it looks so cool you're tempted to believe it has those kind of powers.


Clue: Game Of Thrones Version

Figure out who done it as this classic game takes on a new twist with a popular TV show as it's setting. Game of Thrones Clue ($50) will be an entertaining challenge for any one who loves the show and solving murders.


Lightsaber Pool Noodles Game

Even the dark side likes a pool party. Hook Dad up with a lightsaber and death star hop ball pool set ($23) and use the force to make some waves.


R2-D2 Desk Vacuum

Help Dad keep a tidy desk with a handy R2-D2 desktop vacuum ($23). Now he can eat all the cookies he wants while binging on Netflix, and there will be no evidence.


Nerd Sweatshirt

Wear it proud — a nerd sweatshirt ($20) is a cozy fashion statement with a sense of ownership. Wearing this is like beating a hater to the punchline, and shouting, "Nerd alert," before anyone else has the chance.


Circuit Board Pillow

Dad can decorate his den with a modern looking circuit board pillow ($27). Perfect for resting his head while he re-watches all the Star Wars movies.