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13 Favorite Nickelodeon Channel Stars Who Became Amazing Moms

Since its launch in 1979, Nickelodeon has served as the tastemaker for generations of kids and tweens everywhere. If you were a TV-watching kid sometime in the last 30 years, chances are the stars of Nick's many shows served as important counterpoints to your own growth. And just like many of their viewers, some of these stars have gone on to embrace a totally new adventure: motherhood. Catching up with your fave Nickelodeon channel stars who became amazing moms today can feel like checking in with an old friend. After all, these were the kids who taught you how to tell scary stories around a campfire, work on a dude ranch, and even sling back a tall glass of Goo Punch.

So if you're sitting down for some nostalgic viewings of Kenan & Kel, All That, or Clarissa Explains It All with your own kiddos, you can point out the actresses who are also moms today. These women prove it's possible to be a child star and go on to live a fulfilling family life. Hopefully, these moms have also introduced their kids to the wonders of old-school Nick shows. Because all kids need to know who loves orange soda. They do, they do, they do-ooo!


Vanessa Baden

On Kenan & Kel, Vanessa Baden played Kyra Rockmore, and she also appeared as Vanessa Austin on Gullah Gullah Island. Now Vanessa Baden Kelly, she is mom to son Ryder.


Angelique Bates

Do you remember Angelique Bates from All That? She played opposite Kenan Thompson in the “Cooking With Randy (and Mandy)” skit. According to her IMDB page, Angelique Bates is now a mom to two children.


Melissa Joan Hart

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Chances are, you learned some serious life lessons from her on Clarissa Explains It All. Or, at least you developed an appreciation for the use of slap bracelets as room decor. These days, Hart and her husband Mark Wilkerson are busy parenting their three children.


Debrah Kalman

Debrah Kalman played Lucy the ranch hand on Hey Dude. She is now the mother to two girls, as well as the stepmother to another two girls, according to IMBD.


Raquel Lee

After appearing on The Amanda Show, Raquel Lee went on to recurring roles in The Proud Family and Real Husbands of Hollywood. She and her fiance Edouard Bolleaus are expecting a girl.


Aisling Sistrunk

You may remember Aisling Sistrunk as Melanie on My Brother and Me. Now Aisling Schenck, she has three children and serves as the vice president and director of education for Babywearing International (BWI) of Atlanta.


Jamie Lynn Spears

After appearing in All That and Zoey 101, Spears took some time off to have her daughter Maddie Aldridge in 2007. According to her official website, Spears is set to return to the spotlight with a country album soon.


Joanna Garcia Swisher

If Are You Afraid of the Dark was your jam, then Joanna Garcia Swisher was your girl. She and her husband Nick Swisher have two daughters: Emerson Jay and Sailor Stevie.


Christine Taylor

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Here's a fun fact: did you know that Christine Taylor, who played Melody Hanson on Hey Dude, is married to Ben Stiller? They have a daughter, Ella Olivia, and son, Quinlin Dempsey. (And it looks like the kids can shine in front of the camera just as well as their parents).


Crystal Lewis

In 1992, Crystal Lewis was a member of the sketch show Roundhouse. These days she's a Christian and gospel vocalist with an impressive impressive discography. Lewis and her husband Brian Ray have two children, Izzi Ray and Solomon, who are also pursuing music careers.


Annette Chavez

Annette Chavez served as a host of Wild & Crazy Kids in 1990, before going on to act in more than 100 commercials and appear in a host of television shows. Now Annette M. Lesure, she and her son Preston Jude work together on national commercials.


Moira Quirk

You may remember Moria Quirk as the referee on Nickelodeon GUTS in the mid-90s. In the meantime, she has done voice acting for many animated series and video games. She and her husband, comedian Michael Rayner, have two children.


Jodie Resther

Another alum of the Midnight Society, Jodie Resther played Kiki in Are You Afraid of the Dark? She has gone on to do voice acting and even released an R&B album. Her two children are Imani Zaiyan Resther Raymond and Jaiya Imanuelle Resther Raymond.