13 Feminist Moms You Should Follow On Twitter Now

As the daughter of a feminist, I've sat shotgun and watched as my mother graciously guided my brothers through the world of feminism and raise two young men who not only respect women, but see them and their equals. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a forward-thinking parental figure. Lucky for you and me, there are plenty of feminist moms on twitter to fill those gaps.

While my own mother has been my guide to feminism from day one, she's practically allergic to social media, and getting her on Twitter? Well, that's a non-starter. So I look to the following feminist moms to wield the best retorts, advice, and retweets for my viewing pleasure.

Though most of these women dabble in topics across the board, their identification as feminists often shines through to their humor, their concerns about current events, and everything in between. Whether you're a mother in need of a few women to guide you in 140 characters or less, or you're simply a feminist (woop, woop!) looking for a handful of bonafide bad ass babes to carry you through your social media scroll, here are thirteen of my favorite feminist moms to follow on Twitter.


Arianna Huffington, @ariannahuff

Not only is Arianna Huffington a feminist blazing trails for women in business, she preaches the importance of sleep, turning off technology, and connecting with friends and family. (She had a revelation after collapsing from exhaustion at her desk in 2007.) The bonus? Photos like the one above.


London Feminist, @londonfeminist

This whipsmart account will keep you entertained, educated, and inspired. A full time lawyer, this London Feminist also offers up wisdom and anecdotes on her blog too.


Sallie Krawcheck, @salliekrawcheck

The owner and chair of Ellevate Network and Ellevest, Sallie Krawcheck works hard to create an accessible network of women across the world who support and mentor one another.


Susan Orlean, @susanorlean

Writer, mother, professional hilarious person on Twitter, Susan Orlean does it all. Plus, she's always sharing things you want to know about.


Jessica Grose, @jessgrose

Jess Grose is the editor of the Lenny Letter, and she manages to not only curate great content, but create great content. She's an advocate for mothers in business, and has great advice for women in the workplace!


Feminist Soccer Mom, @soccermatriarch

Although Feminist Soccer Mom's account could be classified as a parody, tweets such as the one above have followers praising her wit and humor. Plus, her tagline is "Minivans run on male tears."


Kirsten Gillibrand, @sengillibrand

Kirsten Gillibrand is a hero in the feminist movement for so many reasons — oh, and did you know she sat down with Lena Dunham to chat about her quest for paid family leave? 


Two Feminist Moms, @twofeministmoms

Although this duo is now defunct, if you're needing a boost of feminist power, scroll through their twitter feed, or listening to old episodes of the Two Feminist Moms podcast.


Lisa Ling, @lisaling

Die-hard feminist and all around badass Lisa Ling keeps it real by tweeting about important issues, love for her family, and her recent television show, This Is Life.


Kelly Oxford, @kellyoxford

Perhaps best known for her bestseller Everything's Perfect When You're A Liar, Kelly Oxford simply slays in the twittersphere. Whether she's dropping truth bombs like the one above, sharing the best one liners by her kids, or humbly bragging about how amazingly Canadian she is, Kelly's twitter feed is not to be missed.


Christina H. Sommers, @chsommers

Author, professor, podcaster, Christina Sommers is currently the Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, and a great Twitter feed to drop in on if you're looking for a feminist point of view on current events.


Kashana Cauley, @kashanacauley

Kashana Cauley's razor sharp wit and millennial appeal will have you retweeting and rolling.


Feminist Mum, @femumism

Feminist Mum shares thoughts on life as a mother and a feminist, a love for Meryl Streep, and hard hitting truths about how far we've come, and how far we've yet to go.

Images: London Scout/Unsplash