13 Fertility Myths That Anyone TTC Should Know

Remember Fertile Myrtle, who could get pregnant just by a guy looking at her? Yeah, that's not conception works. Still, when it comes to baby-making, women sometimes want to believe anything. And there are a number of fertility myths out there that need to be debunked ASAP.

Still, there's a lot of grey area when it comes to the best ways to conceive. Some women swear by acupuncture, while others think the practice does nothing but make you a human pin cushion. Foods that boost fertility is another "grey area" when it comes to getting pregnant. When people in the business of making babies, like fertility specialists, obstetricians, gynecologists, don't all agree on what's real and what's a myth, it's hard for the non-experts to make sense of it all.

In the end, you have to do what makes you feel good because it's your body, your choice. So what if you want to do something outlandish because you heard it might help you conceive? Do you! If you still want to dance a fertility dance on a full moon because it makes you feel like you're doing all you can do to get pregnant, go for it. On the other hand, you should know that the following 13 fertility myths are just that — myths.

Myth #1: Swallowing Semen Makes You More Fertile

Perhaps this is something men thought up to get more blowjobs. According to The Bump, the only way for semen to get you pregnant is through intercourse or an inter-uterine procedure.

Myth #2: If You're Over 35, You Probably Won't Conceive

Although doctors agree on an age that the majority of women stop producing as many eggs as they did in their younger years, the idea that you can't have a baby after 35 is BS. There are plenty of women over 35 conceiving with or without assistance.

Myth #3: It's OK To Smoke Up Until Conception

As if you needed another reason to quit. Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, director of the Cohen-Perelman Center for Reproductive Medicine at New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, told Forbes that smoking has been proven to lower fertility levels in women.

Myth #4: Smoking Pot Is Totally OK

Nope! In that same Forbes article, director of Reproductive Surgery at NYU’s Fertility Center Dr. Nicole Noyes noted that even a little toke of weed can affect your menstrual cycle, which in turn messes with your fertility.

Myth #5: You Need To Have An Orgasm To Conceive

Untrue, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Though The Bump notes that uterine contractions during orgasm may help propel sperm where it needs to go, it's not an imperative.

Myth #6: You Can't Get Pregnant On Your Period

Though it's harder to conceive when you're on your period, it's not impossible. Some women have short cycles, which means there's a chance ovulation can overlap with menstruation, according to Bustle.

Myth #7. Ovulation Always Occurs On Day 14

Nope. Again, 14 marks the halfway mark of an average 28-day cycle. But the National Health Services notes that many women don't have a 28-day cycle, meaning day 14 won't always be ovulation day. For more information on charting, ask your fertility specialist.

Myth #8: Taking All Kinds Of Antidepressants Is OK

As Noyes told Forbes, some antidepressants, like SSRI’s, can "raise a woman’s serum prolactin level which can then interfere with normal ovulation." You should definitely consult with your physician about any medication you're taking when trying to conceive.

Myth #9: Taking Cough Syrup Will Help You Conceive

The idea behind this myth is that the stuff in these meds that helps thin your mucus also helps thin your cervical mucus, giving sperm more juice to swim upstream to the egg. But alas, this has not been proven, according to The Bump.

Myth #10: You Can't Get Pregnant When Breastfeeding

Although The Bump noted that your chances of getting pregnant while breastfeeding are lower due to some disturbances in your menstrual cycle, this is not an absolute rule.

Myth #11: Doing It Missionary Is The Only Way To Conceive

According to The Bump, any sex position can get you pregnant. And the more the merrier.

Myth #12: Being On The Pill Too Long Will Delay Conception

Total myth. The Bump reported studies show that within one year after quitting the pill, "80 percent of women who want to get pregnant do." Those are pretty good numbers, ladies.

Myth #13: Raising Your Legs In The Air After Sex Will Get You Pregnant

Nah, and ditto for headstands too. Bustle noted this is a complete myth because the sperm knows how to get to the egg on its own. It's called evolution, people. Trust it.