The Funniest Valentine's Day Memes On The Web

Few people react to Valentine's Day with any degree of neutrality. Fans of the holiday rejoice whenever the cards and candies reappear in stores everywhere, while the holiday haters long for Feb. 15. But whatever side of the fence you're on, you can appreciate funny Valentine's Day memes for everybody.

Sure, there are people who definitely love Valentine's Day. After all, it's a holiday set aside to celebrate love with flowers, lavish meals, and candies. Everyone from school kids to longtime couples can take a moment to appreciate friendship and romantic love.

But there are also plenty of people, both single and coupled, who find the whole holiday too commercial, saccharine, or just gag-worthy. After all, not everyone finds the idea of a crowded restaurant and obligate gifts romantic. Despite (or perhaps because of) its overwhelming presence, plenty of people have no love for Valentine's Day.

Whatever the case, these memes will cheer you up. They're weird, quirky, and a little salty at times. But seriously: if one holiday deserves to have the piss taken out of it a little bit, isn't Valentine's Day a top candidate? So whether your heart is candy pink or pitch black, read through these V-Day memes for a laugh.


The Couple That Memes Together

There is no way this plan can fail.


Buzz Off

Why is this so accurate?



Honestly? Same.


Best Seat In The House

At least all of your food should arrive at the same time.


The Hero This Holiday Deserves

Why be single when you can be super-single?


Not Lazy In Love

Hey, you're not so rotten after all.



OK, but feminist Valentine's Day cards need to become a thing.


Too Corny

Love doesn't have to be a conspiracy.


Puppy Love

Can Snapchat filters double as memes? Yes.


Um . . .

Well, that's certainly one approach.


Love Language

Both concepts are lovely.


Cheers To That

There's always a reason to party.


Eyes On The Prize

This is one holiday everyone can enjoy.