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13 Gift Ideas For Your Little Bookworm

Books are collectible in and of themselves, however! You should not underestimate the ability to hug a physical proxy for the beloved dragon or teddy or caterpillar from a cherished children's book, and that's where gifty book sets come in. Maybe you're looking for something a little extra, or maybe you're as obsessed with Jon Klassen as we are.

If you're that aunt that always gets books, (be that aunt, it's great!) this gift guide might be a perfect jumping off point. That popular suggestion to give "one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing to wear, one thing to read," is all over social media. But these book gifts totally serve if you're trying to maximize the fun in each of those categories at once. And, like, book-related clothing, is also pretty great TBH.

'Jon Klassen's Hat Box' by Jon Klassen

Penguin Random House

Jon Klassen's Hat Box by Jon Klassen ($49.99, IndieBound)

All three of your favorite books about hats and a lot of moral ambiguity in one box — I Want My Hat Back, This Is Not My Hat, and We Found A Hat are brought together in pleasing disharmony, like two turtles on a rock. And it comes with a print that's perfectly frameable.

'Dragons Love Tacos' Book And Toy Set by Adam Rubin, illustrated by Daniel Salmieri

Penguin Random House

Dragons Love Tacos gift set ($17.99, IndieBound)

This edition of a modern classic features a stuffed version of a titular character eating the titular snack. *Smoke and fire not included.

'The Pigeon Needs A Bath Book!'


The Pigeon Needs A Bath Book! gift set ($14.99, IndieBound)

Reluctant bath-takers will both sympathize with the pigeon's plight and happily take a bath of their own with this adorable rubber pigeon (turns out, your kid loves baths when they're finally in one).

'Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Christmas Pop Up' (Advent Calendar)

Insight Editions

Harry Potter: A Hogwarts Christmas Pop Up ($39.99, IndieBound)

Move over all other advent calendars, because this one is magical. There's nothing better than the Great Hall decorated for Christmas. Imagine opening these tiny little enchanted gifts.

Insight Editions

'Invisible String Workbook'

Little, Brown

The Invisible String Workbook ($12.99, IndieBound)

The back-to-school perennial classic The Invisible String now has a workbook. Made especially for kids facing any kind of separation, any child will enjoy filling this book out and feeling the love that's always with them.

'My Book With No Pictures'

Penguin Random House

My Book With No Pictures ($9.99, IndieBound)

Could The Book With No Pictures get even funnier? Well, you can sure try! Go ahead and take a crack at it, Boo Boo Butt.

'The Boy: His Stories And How They Came To Be' by Oliver Jeffers

Oliver Jeffers

The Boy by Oliver Jeffers ($40.00, IndieBound)

This gorgeous hardcover contains the books How To Catch A Star, Lost And Found, The Way Back Home, and Up And Down. And it includes pages from Jeffers' sketchbooks, giving a peek into his process.

The Adventures Of Tintin: The Complete Collection' by Hergé

Little, Brown

The Adventures Of Tintin by Hergé ($200.00, IndieBound)

This is the king of all Tintin collections. It's the first time you can get all of the Tintin books in the U.S., just in time for Tintin's 90th anniversary!

The Little Golden Book tees and books bundle

Out Of Print

The Little Golden Book bundle ($75.00, Out Of Print)

If you're a fan of the classics, this book and t-shirt combo has you covered. Includes: The Poky Little Puppy, Tootle, The Shy Little Kitten, and Scuffy The Tugboat.

A Personalized Barbie Book From Dinkleboo

Barbie You Can Be A Horse Rider ($34.99, Dinkleboo)

If you've got a Barbie fan in your life, you can get a book personalized with not just your kid's name, but also hair color, eye color, skin color, and build. There are lots more items to personalize on the Dinkleboo site, including more Barbie books, too.

'Leaders & Dreamers: Bold And Visionary Women Around The World': Boxed Set by Vashti Harrison

'Leaders & Dreamers: Bold And Visionary Women Around The World': Boxed Set by Vashti Harrison ($35.00 on sale for $18.00 on Amazon)

If you and your child/niece/nephew/teeny sibling aren't yet on board with Vashti Harrison, this is your stop! Hop on!

Bookscape Board Books: 'A Forest’s Seasons,' illustrated by Ingela P. Arrhenius

Bookscape Board Books: A Forest’s Seasons, illustrated by Ingela P. Arrhenius ($8.99 from Chronicle Books)

Swedish illustrator Arrhenius has created a sweet board book that gives little readers a differently shaped scene with every page-turn to help them learn about the seasons.

And for older readers, we have...

'Heidi,' by Johanna Spyri, cover design by Anna Bond

Puffin In Bloom

Heidi by Johanna Spyri ($16.00 from Amazon)

The beautiful Puffin in Bloom collector's editions of classics Heidi, Anne of Green Gables, and Little Women are a smaller thicker format than other editions, and come with ornate cover art by Anna Bond, creator of the Rifle Paper Co.

BONUS: 'We Found A Hat' Woven Blanket

Gallery Nucleus

We Found A Hat woven blanket ($170 from Gallery Nucleus)

An image from Jon Klassen's classic book. A bit of a splurge, but one can dream, can't one?