13 Gift Ides For Coffee Lovers Who Always Need A Jolt

Everyone knows or loves at least one coffee fiend. It's usually the person you don't want to talk to before they have their morning joe, the one who thinks the smell in Coffee Bean should be a cologne, the one who will drink a bad cup of coffee instead of no coffee at all. And while you could easily get them a Starbucks gift card for the holidays, you could also get them one of the many gifts for a coffee lovers.

I myself am a coffee lover, and although I've had to scale down my intake of caffeine over the last year, I still love a cup of joe more than most any other drink. Even decaf does it for me – although true fiends would never consider it an acceptable substitute. And I can tell you I'd be happy to accept any of the coffee-themed gifts for the holidays (or just because.)

If you feel bad about supporting your coffee fiend's habit, don't! Coffee has been shown to have many health benefits, so your gift will only help them lead a longer, happier life. So shop guilt-free, maybe with a cup of java in your non-clicking hand, and give the coffee fiend in your life something they'll love.


Monogrammed Silver Shell Handle Coffee Scooper

Coffee Scoop, $18, CNS Direct

Your coffee lover will feel like a queen (or king) with this monogrammed silver shell handle coffee scoop.


Death Wish Coffee

Death Wish Coffee Grounds, $19, Amazon

The perfect brew for the true caffeine addict in your life, Death Wish Coffee is the most potent coffee available.


Ethiopian Coffee Jebena

A gift rich in culture and really good coffee, this authentic Jebena Coffee Cartel honors the traditions of Ethiopia.


Santa Sparkles Coffee Cozy

The charming Santa coffee cozy will make the seasonal beverages merry and bright!


"Coffee Is My Cardio" Hoodie

Coffee Is My Cardio Hoodie, $31, TeePublic

For the coffee lover who burns energy off of caffeine instead of on the trails, this Coffee Is My Cardio hoodie is the warm embodiment of winter comfort.


French Press

OGGI French Press, $15, Amazon

OGGI's French press is budget-friendly and a welcome addition to a coffee affectionado.


Gold Plated Coffee Filter

Gold Coffee Filter, $35, Amazon

To filter impurities from coffee as well as embody extreme durability, this gold plated coffee filter is classy and very useful.


Pure Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla Sugar, $21, Amazon

Using Nielsen-Massey vanilla sugar instead of regular sugar takes a cup of coffee to a whole new level.


Coffee Craft One Month Subscription

Subscription, $30 for 1 month, Craft Coffee

Receiving this package in the mail with delight any coffee lover; each package with Craft Coffee's one month subscription gift comes with three artisinal roasters, brewing tips and tasting notes – and you can choose whole beans or ground.


Couch Arm Wrap

Couch Arm Wrap, $250, Blisscraft and Brazen

Want to give something extravagant? Blisscraft and Brazen's coffee arm wrap fits the bill. Your loved one will be thrilled to sip coffee and read or watch TV without having to hardly move an inch.


Personalized Starbucks Cup

Personalized Starbucks Cup, $10, Etsy

As a Starbucks regular, I would adore receiving this personalized Starbucks cup with that famous mermaid on the front in a pop of color.


Cool Beans Ice Cubes

Coffee Ice Cube Tray, $14, Amazon

Cool Beans coffee ice cubes will help make your friends iced blends ever more delicious (and caffeinated.)


Coffee Art Print

Coffee Print, $20, Etsy

DexMex's Evil Librarian coffee art print is the perfect humorous art work for the coffee lover in your life.

Images: Brandon Shea/Flickr