13 Gifts For Under $25 To Help You Spread Cheer & Save Money This Holiday

by Maggie May Ethridge

Finding the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday gift list is a challenge. As an added obstacle, you have to find gifts that fit your price point. That’s why it’s helpful to have a handy list of gifts for under $25. Yes, you read that correctly. It’s possible to find the perfect gift without handing over more than a Lincoln and Jackson.

I know what you’re thinking. If a gift is “cheap” then it must not make for a quality present,. But that simply isn’t true. A quick search through the Internet, and you can find amazing, affordable gifts to satisfy everyone on your list. And I mean everyone. From the difficult to dad to the partner who deserves something absolutely perfect, there isn’t a person missing from this list of inexpensive gifts. And the best part — these gifts from $25 or less are totally personal. Better than your boring, generic gift card.

So relax, take a look at this list of gifts for $25 or less for every member on your list. All you have to do is scroll and click, and you’re on your way to a merry, affordable Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa. Whatever you celebrate, we celebrate with you.


For The Gamer

The perfect game for anyone with a sense of dark, inappropriate humor, Cards Against Humanity ($25) will provide the receiver with lots of laughter.


For The Batman Fan

Turn your fan's car into the Bat Mobile with this cool, sleek Batman car emblem ($18).


For The Phone Obsessed

If you know someone who's attached to their cell phone, give their hand a break with a faux fur cell phone holder ($25).


For The Person Who Needs R&R

Young Living's Breathe Again oil ($25) rolls over the skin and keeps the wearer calm, while purifying their lungs.


For Fun Lover

Kids and adults alike would love to have this double sided hanging dart board ($20) where the tips of the darts are magnetized. Easy to roll up and store, and even easier to play.


For The Bundle of Joy

This witty Etsy onsie ($16) is adorable and guaranteed to make the recipient giggle over how cute it's going to be on their little bundle of joy.


For The Literary Lover

Virginia Woolf, the famous novelist beloved by readers around the world, has provided many notable quotes. This Virginia Woolf quote poster ($24) reminds readers how wise her words can be.


For Your Bestie

A modern BFF bracelet ($23) with a personalized inscription is the perfect gift to give your closest friend.


For The Christmas Fanatic

This hilarious Christmas sweater ($22) pays tribute to the holidays and Betty White, pleasing wearers young and old.


For The Green Beauty Queen

From Jade Organics, this lush and organic moisturizer ($15) has anti-aging properties with harmful chemicals that damage your skin.


For The Green Thumb

This beautiful plant stake ($20) not only waters your plant but lets you know when the soil needs more. Perfect for your friend who might have a problem keeping plants alive.


For The Selfie Snapper

Give your friend a place to store their too-good-for-Instagram pics with these charming vintage photo frames ($14).


For The Yoga Lover

This non-toxic, phthalate free yoga mat ($20) is good for your friend, the environment, and yoga practice.

Images: Janet Ramsden/Flickr