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13 'Gilmore Girls'-Inspired Baby Names To Prepare Your Tot For The Revival

by Sarah Bunton

By now you've probably heard that the cult-classic and show that made you want a BFF relationship with your own mom is finally returning. Yes, Gilmore Girls is officially coming back to Netflix with much of the original cast, too. If you're anything like me, your inner teenager is freaking out and already humming the infamous theme song. If your love for TV's favorite mother and daughter duo knows no bounds, you might even be inclined to pick out a Gilmore Girls-inspired baby name. After all, there are plenty of fantastic characters to choose from and no shortage of options for boy, girl, or even unisex names, too.

Let's be honest. If you're a fan of the iconic show, you're probably already a little on the kooky side. Much like Lorelai and Rory, the entire series had an underlying message of embracing your identity, no matter what it was. Just like Lane Kim couldn't deny her inner rocker or Jess couldn't ignore his love for literature despite his bad boy exterior, you should let your quirkiness shine. What better way to pay homage to such a powerful show like Gilmore Girls and honor your eccentric side than to name your future child after one of the amazing characters?



Obviously Lorelai is one of the top choices for a Gilmore Girls baby name. But the choice stands on its own, too. Derived from Lorelei, this was the name of a seductive siren in Germanic legend. A great option if you love grand, mythological names, too.



Of course the other half of the show's namesake deserves a top spot. But did you know that this name can actually be for a boy or a girl? On the show, "Rory" is short for "Lorelai," but if it's being used as a masculine name, "Rory" is a nickname for Roderick in Gaelic.



Probably one of the biggest examples of "will they or won't they" in television history, Luke Danes was the one audiences were hoping Lorelai would end up with. Though he was a bit of a dark and grumpy character, the name Luke means "light giving" in Greek.



Rory's best friend and secret badass drummer, Lane Kim was such a relatable character because she had such protective parents. Though Lane was female on the show, the name can actually work for either gender. From the Old English word for "pathway," this name could lead your child to an amazing future.



Matriarch of the Gilmore family, Emily was super sassy and a force with which to be reckoned. It's no surprise that the name is derived from "Emil," which means "rival" in Latin.



Also high up on the sassy scale is Michel Gerard, the concierge of the Independence Inn (and later the Dragonfly Inn) where Lorelai works. This could easily be tweaked to work for a girl, but is a wonderfully worldly option for a boy, too. His character also had some of the best quotes.



Lorelai's hilarious best friend Sookie St. James made us smile with her jokes and her sweet disposition. Did you know Sookie is actually a nickname for Susan, which means "flower, rose, or lily" in Hebrew?



As much as Gilmore Girls was an empowering show for females, there were definitely some male love interests worth noting. I'm a bit biased since I'm #TeamJess, but the name does mean "gift" in Hebrew, and he was arguably a gift to Stars Hollow. You can always use this for a girl, too.



Many were first introduced to Jared Padelecki as Rory's first love, Dean Forester. The quintessential boy-next-door, Dean, which means "valley" in Middle English, would be a sweet and traditional choice for any parent-to-be.



Rory's rival-turned-roommate and fierce friend, Paris Geller was the ultimate Type A personality. Whether you love the city from which the name comes or you just have high hopes for your future overachiever, Paris is perfectly perfect.



No one can forget the patriarch of the Gilmore family who was played by the late, great Edward Herrmann. A strong name meaning "brave power" in German, Richard is a bold choice for your future son.



Oh, Miss Patty. One of Stars Hollow's favorite citizens, this town gossip and fabulous dance instructor piroutted her way into audience's hearts. Patty, a nickname for Patricia, means "noble person" in Latin.



Rory's college boyfriend, Logan, was a bit of a wild card. A cute name for either a boy or a girl, it actually means "little hollow" in Gaelic. Coincidence since the show began in Stars Hollow?