Grandparents Reading Book With Baby Granddaughter At Home

13 Grandparents Day 2019 Memes That Sum Up The Holiday Perfectly

There is nothing I love more on the internet than a darned good meme. It needs to be funny, it needs to be current, and most importantly, it needs to be very share-worthy. Most memes have a specific purpose, and I am great at finding the exact right meme to send for any occasion. Since Sept. 8 is Grandparents Day, I thought that making a list of Grandparents Day 2019 memes to send your parents or grandparents, or just to post on Facebook, would be the perfect way to celebrate.

The key to choosing a meme is to understand that the focus doesn't have to be the subject. In fact, it's often not. For Grandparents Day, it's not all going to be joking pictures of Preparation H and 4:00 dinners. It might be an adjacent picture that proves a point. The one universal truth of meme creation and sharing is that the more uses of The Simpsons or The Office that you use, the higher the quality of content. Because when you make a meme out of a child, that is going to follow them for the rest of their lives.

Plus, there are three more reasons why you should always go with a meme from the hit show The Office, and those are bears, beets, and Battlestar Galactica.


Sarcasm Font

This is 100 percent something my grandmother would have done. She would have thought it was hilarious. My mother doesn't know how to knit, and she loves her "One-Click," so my own children have so far fared much better.


When You Ask Your Parents To Take A Family Picture

I think the last photograph my father-in-law took of my family, half of my face was cut off, and I had wild eyes. I like to think that wasn't an editorial choice, but I can't be sure of that.


When Your Grandma Tells You That You're Her Favorite

You get all of the bonus points if she says this in front of all of your cousins. Because you are. Obviously. She means it.


When Your Grandmother Pulls Out The Cookies And You Want First Dibs

My brother used to be a lot smaller than me, and I appreciated cookies more than he did. If he ended up mildly concussed and hidden beneath the sofa, it wasn't me.


Speedy Grandma

My MawMaw always had a fridge and pantry full for her and her grandkids. I'm sure she cared about her actual children as well, but we were cuter.


Teaching Grandma New Things

It happens.


Grandpa Realness

To be fair, he said "no weed." Not "no hot Cheetos" or "no Monster energy drinks and garlic bread."


The Same Generation That Asks If You Should Trust Uber

Sure, Grandma. I trust my Uber driver.


All Of Us

Those hours when you know your kids are safe (if not full of sugar) at your parents' house, and you make all the sexy plans, and then you realize it's clean sheet night and fall asleep watching Netflix.


About Those Cookies

You've got extra money and 7500 extra calories to burn.

I remember that every time I went to my grandparents' house, I was full of cheese dumplings and lamb, and had a fresh, new dollar in my back pocket. It was a good time. Now if I could only get my parents to do that and Venmo me some play money. Alas, my kids get the dollars and cookies now.


An Extremely Valid Point

Now it's only a matter of time before I see videos of my dad and his weird, white, cross eyed cat on TikTok. It's inevitable.


I'm Sending This One To My Mom

Absolutely this would be my mother. She would put on her sensible clog shoes, head down to the jail, and bail out her grandchildren.


Where's The Lie?

I rest my case.