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13 Habits Of Happy Couples Who Live Together

Going from single living to living with your significant other can be a big step in relationships. Depending on how you do it, cohabitation can be the best or the worst step for you two to take. Living with your spouse can be a lot to handle, but finding ways to live happily aren't as difficult as you think. Although most couples think love is all that's needed to live together, being knowledgeable of some habits of happy couples who live together can make your transition from living single to happily ever after a synch.

Of course, every relationship has its ups and downs. But being able to get through those tough times together makes being in a relationship a lot easier. Living together will bring on problems bigger than the former stress of what's on the menu for dinner, and knowing how to keep each other happy will help alleviate those issues. Overall, couples have to each be willing to see each other happy and work towards their happiness together. It's not easy, but somebody's gotta do it, right?

Considering moving in with your SO soon? These 13 habits can help make sure you guys are the happiest when you do.


They Make Time For Each Other

Couples who live together may see more each other, but that doesn't necessarily mean that they'll be spending enough time together. Ensuring that you can each make time for one another during your busy week is a way to stay at your happiest together.


They Don't Pointlessly Nag

Living with your spouse can expose things about them that you didn't necessarily know before like how they put their glass on the counter instead of directly in the sink. However, Huffington Post noted that happy couples don't nag about the small things — they emphasize the positive things. Happy couples are able to talk about the things they are bothering them, not nag about them.


They Spend Time Apart From Each Other

No matter how much you love your significant other, everyone needs time alone. Spending time away from your spouse reminds you that you have your own identity and gives you time to reconnect with yourself.


They Encourage Their Differences

According to Business Insider, happy couples who live together encourage the differences that they have. The site noted that couples are two people who continuously make a decision to be together, so learning how to appreciate and accept each other's differences are a way to ensure your happiness.


They Communicate

One of the most important things that couples who live together do is communicate. Whether it's about how they feel or who should be doing what around the house, couples who communicate more are able to live together better.


They Go Out Together

Huffington Post also noted that happy couples who live together still go out together because having a date night is essential. Happy couples never stop dating, even if they've moved far beyond the dating stage.


They Make Important Decisions Together

According to Business Insider, happy couples make important decisions together. Being able to sit down and have meetings about important things going on like bills or new job opportunities are ways to make sure you're including your SO in your life.


They Share A Ritual

Women's Health noted that happy couples who live together share a ritual. That ritual could be anything from cleaning the dishes together at night to working out together in the morning. As long as you're doing it together, you're bound to be happier.


They Start The Day Together

You and your spouse may not be on the same schedule every day, but finding a way to start the day together is a great habit to start. If working out isn't an option for both of you in the morning, maybe eating breakfast or praying together could be a good way to get the day moving.


They End The Day Together

Just as important as starting the day together, happy couples have a habit of ending their day together, Psychology Today noted. Happy couples resist the temptation of going to bed at different times because it brings the excitement of the beginning of their relationship back.


They're Still Intimate

Happy couples have intimate moments, and that doesn't always reference to sex. Sharing personal experiences and thoughts about life or your day is a way to keep the happiness flowing in your relationship.


They Are Happy To See One Another

According to Women's Health, happy couples show that they are happy to see one another. Couples therapist Tonya Lester told the magazine that, "too many couples let the day wear them down and then 'dump' on their partner as soon as they see them." Show your partner that no matter how bad the day is, they have the ability to make it all better.


They Say "I Love You"

If you're living with your significant other, there will be times where you will get into little arguments here and there. Remind yourselves that no matter what you face the love is still there. Remember to tell your partner that they are loved as often as you can — even if you feel upset with them.