13 Best Halloween 2018 Costumes For Toddlers In Diapers, Because You Know Why

Free candy seems to be the way to pretty much any toddler's heart, so it's no wonder so many little kids absolutely love Halloween. And sure, adorable costumes might make up for sugar-related meltdowns, but finding the right one isn't easy: Full-body jumpsuits and big, puffy one-pieces might look ridiculously cute, but you might end up wasting half the night wrestling your toddler in and out of their costume. If your little one isn't potty-trained, you'll want to check out some of the best Halloween costumes for toddlers in diapers, because things can get really tricky.

Two-piece costumes will most likely be the way to go, as well costumes with skirts or dresses. Any of those options will give you easy access to your kiddo's diaper area, hopefully without lots of wiggling and fighting. Some of these costumes involve just a top and accessories, meaning you can add on any pair of pants you want. And when Halloween is over, they'll be great for games of dress up because older toddlers will be able to put many of these costumes on by themselves (no tricky back zippers here).

Here are 13 great options for your little trick-or-treater this Halloween, with all of the cuteness and none of the inconvenience.