13 Harry Potter Names That Make A Muggle Feel Magical

It’s hard to believe the Harry Potter generation is growing up and giving birth to a new group of fans (at least, I would hope.) And when it comes time to name those next-generation babies, what is a better source of inspiration than the wizard world itself? Granted, you may not want to name your kid Albus, Hagrid, or Severus, but there are plenty of Muggle-friendly baby names from Harry Potter that you can choose for your own child. 

Most of these names are subtle enough to not cause any raised eyebrows, but your fellow HP pals will know what’s up. The names can act as a sort of secret handshake to the rest of your fellow fans, and you may even gain some new buddies along the way. I mean, if you have twin boys who are named Fred and George, then we are best friends who have just not met yet.

So if you already have a sweet Harry Potter-themed nursery and look forward to the day when you can introduce your own little one to Harry and his friends, why not go all out and opt for one of these names? I can guarantee that you’ll instill a lifelong love of reading with such a cool origin story for your kid’s own name. So read on to select a name that will make your baby’s arrival just a little more magical.  (And no, none of the Dursleys made the cut.)



Arthur Weasley, devoted father to his family at the Burrow, is one of the most likable characters in the novels. Perhaps your Arthur would also grow up to be a tinkerer fascinated by all types of technology. 



So this name is kind of a deep cut, but I had to include at least one member of the Black family tree. Distantly related to Sirius, Bellatrix, and Draco, Dorea Black was a pure-blood witch born in the 1920s. The name means gift.



Unabashedly feminine and French, Fleur Delacour is also a pretty fierce competitor in the Triwizard Tournament. This would make a lovely moniker for your little girl. If you'd rather keep your fandom on the DL, I also love it as a middle name.



If you'd like to represent Team Ravenclaw, Garrick Ollivander — you know, the wand shop owner — is an excellent choice. This name is a subtle nod to the Potterverse that only the super-fans would know right away. 



Ginerva "Ginny" Weasley starts out as Ron's vulnerable kid sister and grows into a confident young woman who doesn't suffer any fools. In other words, she's an excellent source of inspiration for naming your own child. As far as role models go, you could do much worse than this fiery Quidditch player. 



Helena Ravenclaw, AKA the Grey Lady, appears as one of Hogwarts' many ghosts. It's also a pretty name that means light.



I mean, the list would not be complete without mention of James Potter, Harry's father and star Quidditch player. This is another one of the more mainstream names your could choose. 



And of course I had to include Lily Potter, Harry's devoted mother. This is also just a gorgeous name that references the flower.



Can you make it through the entire series and not completely love Neville Longbottom? The herbology-nerd-turned-badass is a favorite character among most fans, and a worthy namesake for any kid.



Cedric Diggory is another Quidditch champ who plays a key role in the Triwizard Tournament. The name also means kind and loved, which is just what your child will be. 



Luna Lovegood, the dreamy Ravenclaw, has an extremely devoted fan following. This name, which references the moon, would also make for a mystical middle name. 



The most serious of the Weasley clan, Percy is an overachiever who works hard at school and later in his career. It's also a cool name that means pierces the valley.



Padma and Parvati Patil are twins who served in Dumbledore's Army and also fought at the Battle of Hogwarts. Padma is Hindi for lotus flower.

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