13 'Harry Potter' Quotes That Would Make Great Tattoos


If there's one thing that completely changed my world during my formative years, it's Harry Potter. I can remember my sixth grade boyfriend receiving it as a gift for Christmas, and not coming up for air until he'd finished it. I admit, I was skeptical at first. And I was completely wrong to feel that way. I dove into that book and never looked back. Attending midnight releases of the books that followed, I quickly became obsessed with the series. Which is why I'm here to tell you about all the Harry Potter quotes that would make great tattoos.

It was a well known fact that once fans have one of the new books in their hands, they stay up all night in a race to finish it. (Looking back on it now, I realize how ridiculous I was not to savor each line as it deserved to be.) And once they finished the books, they begin quoting them. They read them again, and again, and again. The words of J.K. Rowling are truly timeless, for Potterheads, and even for those who don't consider themselves Hogwarts-aficionados. And what better to get permanently tattooed on your body than one of your favorite magical literary moments?

1A Quote From J.K. Rowling

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Although this wasn't written in the books themselves, J.K. Rowling said this about the series. And with the iconic round glasses and lightning bolt placed above it, it's a beautiful tribute and reminder.

2A Quote For Organized Minds

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Dumbledore speaks this iconic line in the first book of the series, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

3A Quote For Wordsmiths

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Because any writer who read the series felt this quote in their bones the moment they read it.

4A Quote For True Potter Fans

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Did you stick with Harry until the very end? I know I did. This dedication at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows made me cry. In fact, it's making me tear up right now.

5A Quote About Happiness

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One of the most inspirational quotes from the entire series, this quote serves as a reminder that even when times are tough, happiness can be found.

6A Quote For Imagination

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Another stunning quote from the seventh installment of the series is perfect for you, if you're a believer in the power of imagination. And something tells me, as a Potter fan, you are.

7A Quote For Adventurers

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Much like it's longer counterpart above, this truncated version of the quote from the book would make a stunning Harry Potter tribute. Especially with the deathly hallows symbol taking center stage.

8A Quote To Bond You

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This quote is a doozy for anyone who's lost a friend. Emotions.

9A Quote For Time

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After reading about Hermione's time turner necklace, I was convinced I could do everything I wanted to do. If only I could get my hands on one of those necklaces.

10A Quote For Fear

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Have truer words ever been spoken?

11A Quote For Love

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For anyone who's ever lost a loved one, this quote rings heartfelt and true.

12A Quote For Potential

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A friendly reminder that whatever you're born into says nothing about you as a person, that it is who you choose to grown into that really matters.

13A Quote For Dreamers

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This is one of my favorite quotes on the list, and ne of the greatest lines written by Rowling, reminding you to above all, live.