13 Hilarious Brother Memes For All Of You Sisters To Share On National Siblings Day

If you have a brother, you know how much fun, yet exhausting, they can be. Bossing your little brother around can be tiring if you're the older sibling, and if you're younger, covering for his dangerous antics can be exciting. Either way, growing up together gives you two a special friendship, one that's equal in torture and laughter. And because today marks the celebration of this special bond, here are some funny brother memes from a sister on National Siblings Day.

When you were kids, you were always together, through all the family fun, laughter, and even the pain. You have understood one another, perhaps more than anyone else in the world ever will, and you know exactly which buttons to press to annoy each other and what words to say for comfort. Whether you are super close or just talk to each other occasionally, as siblings you can count on each other for support through thick and thin.

But there is nothing more satisfying than zinging your brother with smart quip here and there, and it's even more fun if he plays along. If you're looking to give your brother a laugh this National Siblings Day, send him one of these hilarious memes.


They Can Be So Annoying

No matter how much angst you have in your heart, the second your parents roll around, it's all smiles and love.


The Truth

Sure you love your brother, but that won't stop you from tussling every now and then. Fighting with your brother can get rough, but if it gets too intense, you can always pull out your blackmail card.


Our Secret

There are some secrets Mom and Dad will never know. Whether it was about Mom's broken vase or Dad's busted headlight, you and your brother have sworn an unbreakable oath of secrecy, and you'll forever deny having anything to do with it.


Rule Breaker

How annoying is it when your brother knows you badly you want something, but still takes it anyway? Whether it's the TV remote, the last ice cream bar in the freezer, or sitting shotgun for a car ride, brothers can be quick and merciless.


Always Looking Out For You

Sure he tortures you, but he also looks out for you when you're feeling down. Brothers can be a really strong pillar of support for a sister, so take a minute to appreciate his love and say thank you.


Can't Run Forever

When your brother eats that last piece of cake, fully knowing it was meant for you, what choice to you have but to hunt him down? Sure, you'll do it in true sisterly fashion — slow and steady, with a smile on your face, and he won't even know what hit him.


He's Cray

Everyone has that one goofy brother that makes everyone laugh. He's a blast to be around because he always lightens up the mood, even in the most intense situations. Cheers to the brother that always makes you smile.


It'll Never End

You were the apple of your parents' eye until your baby brother came along. But no matter how annoying he is, you'll always love your baby brother and he'll always look up to you.


Inevitable Side-Eye

Brothers have the unique talent of knowing exactly what buttons to push to annoy you, inducing your wrath and provoking some seriously fierce side-eye.


Love You, Buddy

There's nothing more satisfying then roasting your little brother when he's least expecting it.


Victory Lap

When your brother gets in trouble for something you did, you might feel guilty, but part of you is thrilled. After all, he owes you for all those times you covered for him.


Settle The Score

Some people settle their arguments maturely, but not you and your brother. Even the smallest argument can turn into a long, intense fight, and if there's food nearby, it can quickly become your weapon of choice. Just clean up before Mom comes home.


True Friendship

You may have fun torturing each other, but there is no one in the world that understands you and supports you more than your brother. Use this year's National Siblings Day as an excuse to tell him how much you love him.

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