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13 Hilarious Instagram Captions To Post About The Not-So-Cute-&-Fluffy Easter Bunny

When I was growing up, my family didn't celebrate Easter. So when I had a child of my own, I had to rely on my partner to fill me in on all the American traditions. To this day, I still don't understand the whole Easter bunny thing. But that doesn't matter. What does matter, however, is that you can have a good sense of humor about the holiday so your kids can enjoy everything it has to offer. Since posting pictures is a given in today's society, then you'll appreciate these funny Easter Bunny Instagram captions that perfectly capture the spring holiday shenanigans. Who knows? You may be inspired to create your own clever caption that sums up what Easter means to you and your family.

But what makes an Instagram caption stand out from all the rest? First off, the more candid and real the photo is the better. I know, as a parent, that nothing makes me feel better than when I see another parent going through the same messy struggles as I do. That failed Easter egg dye job? Post it. Next, you'll need a witty and relatable quote to go with your hilariously authentic photo. So go ahead and check out these funny Easter Instagram captions and feel free to take some creative liberties with your next holiday post.


"Those aren't chocolate eggs coming out of that bunny, kid."

Every Easter egg hunt I've been to, no matter how well planned and organized it was, there was always at least one child who accidentally stepped in animal poop. That's nature for you, folks.


"Here is the Easter Bunny in its natural habitat."

Ideal for a candid snap of a mall Easter Bunny. Side note: I still don't understand why people pay money to get their kid's photo taken with an Easter Bunny in the mall. Yet another tradition that seems odd to me, but perfectly chill to everyone else in line.


"Pay no attention to the crying baby in the costumed stranger's lap."

I think everyone I know has at least one old photo of themselves crying on the lap of a questionable Easter Bunny. What were our parents thinking? Maybe Murphy's Law explains why most babies prefer screaming over smiling. But I think it's a biologically hard-wired defense response.


"You stay over there, I stay over here, and everyone's happy, OK?" — your kid

You know the look. It's the one where your very skeptical baby isn't quite sure if they trust this Easter Bunny fella or not. Or it's a photo (you probably paid too much for) of your toddler just staring the Easter Bunny down with an unbreakable glare.


"Easter Bunny's Checklist: Scare babies ✔ Get kids hyped on sugar ✔ Leave parents exhausted ✔✔✔."

The perfect caption for an Easter Bunny baby photo fail, a collage of Easter Bunny remnants strewn across your house, or a hot mess selfie of you and/or your partner after a mall Easter Bunny meet-and-greet. It's really a multi-purpose caption to meet all your Easter Bunny Instagram photo needs.


"The exact moment my child stopped trusting me."

Another caption that would work well for your terrified kid getting their picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Bonus points if your child is looking directly at the camera — and chillingly into your soul.


"Breaking News: Geneva Convention set to include Easter Bunny photos as cruel and inhumane."

If you have dark, dry, or a political sense of humor, then this caption is perfect for you. Since I think forcing a child to sit on a giant, costumed, stranger's lap is a form of torture, I'd totally use this caption myself.


"As you can clearly see, my children thoroughly enjoyed the entire Easter Bunny experience."

Dripping in sarcasm, this caption works well to offset the unhappy vibes your kids are actually giving off in their staged Easter photo.


"Me when my kid asks me if the Easter Bunny is real or not."

Can I explain what it means to plead the Fifth Amendment instead?


"Before meeting the Easter Bunny. After meeting the Easter Bunny."

You could do a cute side by side pic of your child looking excited beforehand and then their extreme reaction after.


"So how was your Easter Sunday?"

This can truly go with just about anything. For instance, you could pair this with a photo of your screaming baby on the Easter Bunny's lap and follow it up with a less than amused selfie. Or a snap of your toddler having a total meltdown as they crash from all the Easter candy they begged for.


"Confronting Childhood Fears: A Parent's Journey."

How great would this look as the fake cover for your autobiography? Picture your child, happily smiling at the Easter Bunny, while you are visibly terrified.


"That feeling when you're more scared of the Easter Bunny than your kid is."

Alternatively, you could go with this more relatable caption for a picture of you appearing more uncomfortable than your little one is with the Easter Bunny.

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