13 Hilarious Friday The 13th Instagram Captions That'll Freak You Out Even More

Whether you're a bit superstitious or a total skeptic, there's no escaping the fact that today is Friday the 13th. However your luck is going, it's smart to keep a good sense of humor about the whole thing. So sharing the hilarious Instagram captions about Friday the 13th is one way to help you and your followers have a little laugh about this weird and ominous day.

So why is this particular date so closely associated with bad luck? Its roots may go way back into history, and it has several potential origins. As one theory suggests, the arrest of hundreds of Knights Templar on Friday the 13th, 1307 might have linked the date with bad luck, as noted in The Independent. Following their arrest, these unlucky people faced coerced false confessions and even worse at the hands of their arrestors. The date has been associated with terrible luck ever since, at least in many Western cultures.

Although most modern people are not living in fear of a mass arrest, the date is still deeply associated with bad luck and general chaos. Other common superstitions, such as walking under a ladder or having a black cat cross your path, are often warned against on this date as well. For some people, the date is seriously scary. In fact, people suffering from Paraskevidekatriaphobia, or a fear of Friday the 13th, may not even leave their home on this day, according to Facing the date can be quite an ordeal.

For the majority of people, though, Friday the 13th is just another day (hopefully). But if any little thing does happen to go wrong today, then you can feel perfectly free to blame the calendar. Hey, it's nice to have a scapegoat sometimes.


"A big one for me, though, is walking under a ladder. I've always felt like that's tempting fate. That's just throwing it right in their face. Check me out. I just walked under a ladder. What are you going to do about it?" — James Badge Dale

Well, there is the risk of a ladder falling on your head. So it isn't like this one is totally bad advice.


"I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious." — Michael Scott

You just heard the opening theme music for The Office in your head, too, right? Then the day can't be all bad.


"PARTY TIP: Friday the 13th is actually one of the luckiest days for partying. Put it to good use and party 13 times harder." — Andrew W.K.

I can't argue with this logic.


"I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm." Franklin D. Roosevelt

Well, this is the best excuse for sleeping in that I've encountered in a long time. Why not take a cue from the lucky worm?


"I busted a mirror and got seven years bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five." — Steven Wright

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

To be honest I'd be pretty mad if I broke one of the mirrors in my home. Some of those suckers were a giant pain to install.


"I'm one of those unlucky people who had a happy childhood." — Jonathan Coe

Well, only a novelist would find fortune in an unhappy childhood.


"With luck on your side, you can do without brains." — Giordano Bruno

Is it OK to find this thought weirdly comforting? Because I definitely do.


"If you walk under a ladder, what are you, drunk? Just go around!" — Corey Miller

Well, he makes a good point.


"Why do I always choose the shopping cart with the squeaky wheel? Is it my bad luck, or are all the carts dysfunctional?" — Rachel Nichols

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This happens every single time. Every. Time.


"It's #FridayThe13th. Don't walk under a ladder or you'll be cursed with over 50K student debt you'll never pay back. Oh wait." — National Union Of Students

Dang, that's scarier than all the other superstitions combined. Whoever runs the NUS Twitter account is not playing around.


"I believe in luck: how else can you explain the success of those you dislike?" Jean Cocteau

Cocteau was a renowned novelist and filmmaker from the early half of the 20th century. But as this quote proves, he was also the king of sass.


"It's not bad enough to have Friday the 13th, we've gotta have a full moon too . . . It upsets people. Makes them nuts." — "Friday The 13th"

Well, you're kind of obligated to reference the classic 1980 horror movie. In fact, it's probably a great evening to rewatch the entire film.


“If a black cat crosses your path, it signifies that the animal is going somewhere.” ― Groucho Marx

If you go out of your way to pet a black cat today, you'll have good luck the rest of the year. It's the most true superstition of them all.