13 Hilarious Valentine's Day Memes For All The Haters

Valentine's Day is finally here, and you know it is because it's all over your social media feed. Just when you thought you could hide from the world — nope, not when your Instagram is filled with pictures and captions of your friends who are so in love, and not afraid to show it. Eww. But just because everyone (and their mother) is posting about their happy relationship doesn't mean you can't post something too. That's right, there are plenty of Valentine's Day memes out there for people think it's the worst, so go ahead and show the world how you genuinely feel about this holiday.

There are so many reasons why you might feel like hating on Valentine's Day this year. You could go the self-deprecating route and post about being the only one of your friends without a Valentine. Or how you don't need a partner because Netflix is the only thing you need to get you through this year. If you want to be positive, post about loving you. You don't need a date to celebrate yourself.

With a little research and the help of this list, I'm sure you will find something to express your inner hatred for this special day.


Playing Pretend

Excuse me while I hide until this day is over. Maybe if you pretend like it's another day it, you'll forget it's Valentine's Day. Just don't walk into any drug stores.


Table For One

Valentine's day is about celebrating the one you love, and if you love yourself, take yourself out and celebrate it.


Literal Interpretation

Channel your inner Dwight Schrute and take it as literally as possible. You'll realize that you too have a date for Valentine's Day and it's the same as everyone else's: February 14.


Forgotten Chain Letters

Oh those chain letters... just when you forgot all about them, they come back to haunt you a decade later.


<3 Netflix

If Netflix were a person, he would for sure be my boyfriend. No one sees you cry and laugh as much as Netflix does. He's always there when you need him.



When you are just looking for physical touch, anything will do. Even a glove filled with water. This might be the perfect gift for that lonely friend, but make sure they have a good sense of humor.



Actually, love is not in the air. Have you never taken a chemistry class?


Heart-Shaped Pizza

No need for candy, or flowers, or love for that matter. Just get me a heart-shaped pizza. This would make anyone's Valentine's Day amazing.


Expiration Date

When everyone has a Valentine's date but you. Don't worry they will spoil in no time. Get it?



Just another day to remind you of all your heartbreaks. Wouldn't it be nice to have a sea of pom-poms to fall into though?


Thrifty Date

Hey look on the bright side: drinks for one is definitely cheaper than dinner, drinks, and a gift for two. This Valentine's Day, treat yourself to your favorite wine or cocktail.


Clowning Around

If falling in love looked as scary as this clown, maybe then no one would want to do it. Actually, if you ask me, this meme is pretty accurate: falling in love is one of the scariest things one can do. So you can have this holiday... the rest of us will be hiding.


Space Case

This dog's got the right idea. There's no avoiding Valentine's Day once it's here, so you'll probably have to spend the day floating around aimlessly while people spend way too much money on terrible chocolate, over-priced flowers, and crowded restaurants. Actually, that doesn't sound so bad.

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