13 Hilarious Thanksgiving Memes, Because The Madness Is Real

The holiday season is already in full swing, and Thanksgiving is next in line. But in between all the parades, football games, and turkey, you will probably make one realization: Thanksgiving can be a ridiculous occasion. If you're stressing about spatchcocking that stupid bird, take a breather. Enjoying some funny Thanksgiving memes will put the focus back on what's really important this holiday season — eating too much food and steering family conversations away from hot-button political issues.

Why does Thanksgiving get so stressful? Where do I begin? The average household spends about $60 on Thanksgiving dinner, so there's financially a little more at stake than the average meal night, according to Statistic Brain. Simply figuring out the cook times for all the food can be a task in itself. Oh, and almost 50 million people travel more than 50 miles for Thanksgiving, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel. Busy travel days can wear out the most even-tempered person. When you add the typical family drama on top of all that — well, it's no wonder plenty of people find the holiday a bit stressful and that's even more reason to take a break and laugh for a moment. Especially if you're taking on the challenge of hosting this year, be sure to give yourself a little recovery time here and there.

Let these memes add some much needed humor to your Thanksgiving stress. They make light of all the possible holiday mishaps, like the weird pressures to serve up a very particular holiday meal, as well as the typical family dramas that ensue. So kick back for a minute and have a laugh.



Hopefully, your family's celebration will only be pleasant and in no way like this. But it's no wonder Kermit had to find something stronger than tea after these exchanges.


Binge Watching

Humans have Football and Netflix. Dogs have the turkey roasting in the oven. You can always count on the doggos to ease family tensions, get excited about your cooking (whether you pull off the best meal of your life, or the worst), and help clean up leftovers. We should all just be thankful for dogs this Thanksgiving. That's one thing everyone can agree on, right? Show your appreciation by leaving the light on while you're roasting your bird.


Oh, Grandparents

Chances are, they will help you finish cooking and set the table. So arriving early isn't an inconvenience at all when it comes to grandparents.


Apples To Apples

There's no reason you have to separate the two. Those family members who show their love through their cooking are the best kinds of family members ever.



Somehow you discover a secondary stomach whenever it's time for dessert. It's like a magic trick.



It isn't an incorrect statement. Not at all. There's a reason that arguing about politics — and everything else — over family dinner is kind of a running joke: it's based in reality.


What We're All Thinking

Don't be alarmed if you find yourself relating to these dogs' post-dinner sentiments. We've all been there.


Pure Evil

If you're trying to be the worst hostess ever, this is a good move. In all seriousness though, for some families, this might be a good strategy. And to be fair, it isn't only the kids who need the wi-fi shut off, because plenty of adults get obsessive over phone checking, too (myself included). Hey, anything to hide out from your crazy aunts and uncles, right?



I am legitimately thankful for the friends, family, and distant relatives who graciously (or at least pretend to) endure my love of puns.



The leftovers are the best part of Thanksgiving, right? There's a reason why everyone cooks a much bigger bird than what they need — for all the post-holiday treats. Here's hoping you really like turkey.


Just Can't

Please call the poor holiday by its actual name. It gets upstaged by Christmas enough, anyway. And don't forget to express gratitude for the things that are most important to you this Thanksgiving, from dogs, to grandparents, to stretchy pants.

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