13 ‘Hocus Pocus’ Themed Products On Etsy That'll Have You Bewitched


Halloween is just around the corner, and that means one thing. It's officially time to binge-watch all your favorite spooky movies, specifically Hocus Pocus. To go the extra mile, these Hocus Pocus themed products on Etsy will broadcast your love of the movie to everybody. Whether you're shopping for a friend or yourself, this awesome witchy gear is a great way to honor the classic flick.

First released in 1993, Hocus Pocus started as a box office flop, making only $39.5 million and facing bad reviews, as noted on E! News. (Unimaginable, right?) But thanks to annual airings on TV every Halloween, the film gained a cult following over the years. Now, the film is a bonafide cult classic with countless devoted fans.

Starring Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker as resurrected witches, this children's movie is equal parts funny, spooky, and campy. All three actresses look like they're having the time of their lives in each scene. And in addition to the witches, there's an immortal black cat, a zombie, and so much more. Really, Hocus Pocus is the perfect Halloween movie to watch with your entire family time and again. Just don't let the kids light any Black Flame Candles this October.

1Hocus Pocus Shirt

Hocus Pocus Shirt Squad


This shirt features everyone's favorite trio of witches, designed in a style that's perfectly Instagram-able. The Sanderson sisters are the definition of squad goals, after all.

2Hocus Pocus Spell Book Planner Cover

Hocus Pocus Spell Book Planner Cover


Only buy this if you want to have the most amazing day planner cover of all time. You'll also get to see whether any friends and colleagues catch the reference.

3Hocus Pocus Halloween Inspired Coasters

Hocus Pocus Halloween Inspired Coasters


You can use these adorable coasters all year long. The "amuck" one is especially charming.

4Hocus Pocus Glitter Tumbler

Hocus Pocus Glitter Tumbler


Serve your best brew in this sparkly tumbler with the titular quote from the movie.

5Billy Butcherson Tee

Billy Butcherson Tee


Show your love for Billy Butcherson with this shirt. He deals with so much grief from the Sanderson sisters.

6Hocus Pocus Mug

Hocus Pocus Mug


If you're not a morning person, then this is the most perfect coffee mug of all. At least the Sanderson sisters agree with your opinion.

7Black Flame Candle

Black Flame Candle


This richly detailed and scented candle could be straight from the movie. Light the Black Flame Candle on All Hallows Eve and see what happens.

8Hocus Pocus Magnetic Bookmarks

Hocus Pocus Magnetic Bookmarks


The Sanderson sisters will keep your place in whatever novel, spell book, or other tome you happen to be reading. Plus, how cute are the characters in this cartoon form?

9Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sister Halloween Earrings

Hocus Pocus Sanderson Sister Halloween Earrings


This one's great because it's so subtle. True fans of the movie will get it when you wear these awesome earrings.

10Hocus Pocus Socks

Hocus Pocus Socks


With these awesome socks, you can rep your love for this movie anywhere, anytime. Even if you're at the office in adult clothes, your socks can stay a little magical.

11Thackery Binx Throw Pillow

Thackery Binx Throw Pillow


Part 1600s teenager, part cat, Binx is a pretty compelling character. Honestly his storyline made me super sad when I watched the film as a kid. But this lovely pillow is a sweet way to honor him.

12I Put A Spell On You Dog Bandana

I Put A Spell On You Dog Bandana


Even your dog can rock some Hocus Pocus gear. This awesome dog bandana features three familiar silhouettes.

13Hocus Pocus Hand Painted Rock

Hocus Pocus Hand Painted Rock


This is an adorable handmade homage to the movie. Sealed in resin, this rock will become a lasting part of your Halloween decor.