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13 Holiday 2018 Gifts For The Nanny, Because They're The Real MVP In Your Life


When you're writing up your holiday shopping list this year, don't forget something special for your nanny. The person who takes care of your kids deserves an extra special thanks, but finding the perfect gift can be tough. Something homemade by your kids can be cute, but, how many macaroni necklaces does one person really need? In my opinion, gifts for the nanny should cater to their life after they clock out, because they do have plenty of interests beyond your kids (no matter how adorable said kids may be).

Taking care of children all day is really hard work, as you well know. Your nanny is probably in a whirlwind of activity from the moment they show up, playing with your kids, getting them to eat their meals, and making sure they don't destroy your house. And if you're really lucky, maybe they even clean up a little from the messes your little ones inevitably make. After all that work, gifts that help them relax or let them enjoy a fun night out will be so much appreciated.

Here are 13 great gift ideas for your nanny or babysitter to show them how thankful you seriously are for all their hard work.

1Throw Blanket

Waffle Weave Throw

West Elm

You can't go wrong with a snuggly and warm throw. Pretty much everyone loves getting comfy on the couch with a cozy blanket.

2Travel Mug

Stainless Steel Travel Mug


Your nanny probably needs plenty of caffeine to keep up with your kiddos, so a travel coffee mug is another good choice.

3Spa Box

'You Are Amazing' Spa Box


Spending all day taking care of kids can be stressful, so give your nanny a little relaxation in a box. This one also comes with a card that tells them how amazing they are.

4Personalized Wine

Personalized Wine Label

Personalization Mall

For the nanny whose wicked sense of humor matches your own, you can slap this hilarious personalized label saying "Our child may be the reason you drink, so enjoy this bottle on us!" on any bottle of wine.

5Gift Card

Dinner and a Movie Gift Card


Treat your nanny to some grown up time with this gift card for dinner and a movie. It'll be a nice break from kids meals and cartoons.

6Tote Bag

Steve Madden Kimmy Tote


Anyone who takes care of kids all day has a lot of stuff to haul around in their purse (and 80 percent of it is probably snacks). A classic black leather tote bag goes with everything.

7Compact Mirror

Kate Spade Sparkling Compact


You know what everyone needs in their purse? A super cute compact. It can be a lifesaver for last minute make up checks or making sure there's nothing in your teeth.


Cashmere Scarf


An over-sized scarf is impossibly cozy, and that goes double when it's made from luxurious cashmere.


Bloom Daily Planner 2019


Your nanny helps keep your kid's life organized, and they've got their own life to manage, too. A cute planner will help things run smoothly.

10S'mores Gift Set

S'mores Mug Gift Set


A nanny with a sweet tooth will love this s'mores mug set.


Personalized Keychain


This personalized keychain says it all — sometimes a simple thank you can be the best gift.

12Bath Bombs

Snow Fairy Bath Set


A soak in the tub is an amazing way to unwind after a day spent chasing kids around.

13Birthstone Necklace

Birthstone Layered Necklace Set


This necklace set gives you two for the price of one: a solitaire pendant with your nanny's birthstone plus a necklace with similarly colored stones.

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